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Kids waving Candian flags celebrating at large community event

​​There are​ hundreds of reasons why Newmarket is a unique community​, and no one knows them better than the thousands of residents ​​happy to call Newmarket home. Here are some numbers to help give you a sense of the size, shape, and makeup of Newmarket - but don't think this is the full story... Every one of our 90,000 residents have their own reason why they love this town.


​Newmarket by the numbers
28,000 households, ​90,000 residents, 2,400 businesses, 41,000 employees
45 per cent of the resident labour force works in the community
5 major motion pictures filmed in 5 years
55% increase in health sector employment over the past decade
46% increase in Business Services employment
34 LEED Platinum homes (Canada's first Eco-Subdivision)
6,500 recreation programs, 400 hectares of parkland​
96 per cent resident satisfaction rate
300 special events each year
1 special Town!

Text explaining the awards Newmarket has received from Google, Moneysense Magazine, MarCom, and other groups.