Swimming Pool Enclosure Permit



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​All swimming pools and hot tubs within the Town of Newmarket that can hold 0.6 metres (two feet) of water will require an enclosure. All enclosures require a permit and must comply with the Town's Pool Enclosure By-law 2008-18.  For more information on swimming pool enclosures, contact Legislative Services at 905-953-5300 ext. 2220.

Swimming Pool Enclosure Permit Process

In order to obtain a Swimming Pool Enclosure Permit, the following documents must be presented and brought into the Legislative Services department at the Municipal Offices:

  • Completed Sw​imming Pool Enclosure Permit Application Form​
  • Completed Undertakin​g and Indemnification Form
  • Two copies of the property site plan showing the proposed location of the swimming pool and equipment in relation to property lines, buildings and easements (these may be hand drawn)
  • Completed and signed Developer's Clearance Letter (required for Inground and Onground Pools/ Un-assumed Subdivision)
  • Permit Fee as prescribed in the Town's Fees By-law