Noise By-Law Study


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​​Legislative Services is looking to update its Noise By-law. The goal of the review is to consider any changes, which maybe needed to ensure the Noise By-law reflects resident and business needs. Residents were encouraged to get involved by completing a brief survey on Newmarket's Noise By-law Study.

Some key considerations under review include:

  • Review existing noise standards relative to the needs of the community and businesses.
  • Potential for the creation of 'quiet zones' around Southlake Regional Health Centre, seniors' homes and long term care facilities with more restrictive noise standards.
  • Review how noise complaints are responded to and identify opportunities for improvements
  • Review the noise exemption process and ensure there is a balanced approach to the needs of businesses (including developers) and residents

Newmarket's Noise By-law provides standards related to noise and applies to all properties within the Town of Newmarket, with the intention of reducing the impact of unwanted sound for residents.

Residents submitted their feedback by completing a brief survey online or sending their feedback to the Legislative Services department by emailing or calling 905-895-5193.​​​