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​Under Ontario's Ministry of Energy Regulation 397/11 Green Energy Act, 2009, public agencies are required to report their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The Ministry of Energy requires consumption data to be submitted by July 1 each year for two years prior. For 2017, the energy consumption data of 2015 was submitted and summarized below.

2015 Annual Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Summary Report

Facility NameTotal Floor Area 
(sq. ft.)
Electricity Consumption (kWh)Natural Gas Consumption (cubic meters)GHG Emissions
Energy Intensity
(ekWh/sq. ft.)
Art Ferguson Club House1,47248,0551,4054,57943
Community Centre62,540See Note 126,35849,8335
Fire Training Center53,33459,21627,11053,6247
Gorham Fire Hall10,416210,76919,17944,69340
Hollingsworth Arena25,800505,90157,707129,34443
Lawn Bowling Club5,05624,9232,7796,25111
Lions Park/Gorham Pool9,700See Note 214,75127,88916
Magna Centre 216,0007,759,056511,6961,277,87461
McCaffrey Fire Hall12,201119,94516,59536,17424
Newmarket Museum6,52887,31512,62227,35734
Newmarket Public Library4,753634,80338,65398,478220
Old Fire Hall3,0787,6448,72516,80233
​Old Town Hall​3,492​47,097​0.00​1,884​14
Ray Twinney Recreation Complex 123,4373,147,234386,241856,16259
Scout Hall3,7727,9235,79311,26918
Seniors Meeting Place15,200264,44827,13461,88136
​Sewer Pumping Station​456​​22,008​1​8830.00​
Municipal Office80,3161,339,03683,237210,94628
Operations Centre65,000862,642140,738300,59836
Youth Centre20,700246,19617,50042,93721

1. Reported at 0 due to solar panel electricity generation. ​​
2. Reported at 0 due to solar panel electricity generation. ​​


The Town of Newmarket is also enrolled in a Demand Response (DR) program. DR participants are compensated for reducing their electricity consumption during peak usage times. For more information on the Demand Response program, please visit the Independent Electricity System Operator DR program page.


If you have any questions or concerns about the Town of Newmarket's energy consumption and greenhouse gas, please contact the Town of Newmarket Customer Service at 905-895-5193.