Site Plan Approval Process

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​​​​​​​A site plan shows both design and technical aspects of development proposals and ensures that the project contributes to an attractive streetscape, blends with the character of the neighbourhood, or local area, and meets Town and Region (if applicable) requirements.

Site Plan approvals are regulated by Section 41 of the Ontario Planning Act. The entire Town of Newmarket is designated, by Council, as a "Site Plan Control Area". Development of any kind may not be undertaken in the Town of Newmarket until the Town has reviewed and approved the plans.

This page outlines the site plan approval process at the Town of Newmarket.

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Approval Process


Formal application​

  • Formal application for site plan approval submitted to Planning department.
  • A preliminary high-level review is completed by staff.
  • Proposal is presented to the Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC), if applicable, by the applicant.


Technical submission​s

  • Applicant resubmits drawings for first technical submission based on comments received from staff's preliminary high level review and SPRC, if applicable. Applicant is responsib​le for submission to Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority and Region of York, if applicable.
  • Application is circulated to internal departments for review and comment.
  • Comments are provided to applicant.
  • Drawings are resubmitted and reviewed until all comments have been addressed.
  • Once submitted plans meet all applicable requirements, plans are stamped approved by Planning and Building Services and Engineering Services.

Site plan agreement

  • The Planning Division prepares the site plan agreement.
  • Once the plans are approved and the agreement finalized, both are provided to the applicant for signature and reproduction of the drawings.
  • Applicant returns signed agreement, drawings and any required securities or fees to the Town.
  • Agreement is executed (signed) and registered on title to the property.


  • Once project is satisfactorily complete, security is returned to owner.
  • Fees collected as part of the Site Plan approval process may include but are not limited to:
    • Cash-in-lieu of parkland contribution
    • Security (Letter of Credit)
    • Tree security
    • Tree compensation
    • Engineering administration fee (6% of estimated site costs)
    • Finance administration fee (5% of security value)
    • Development Charges (Town's portion is collected at agreement signing, Region's and School Board's are collected at Building Permit issuance)
    • Legal fees
    • Other: signs, anti-tampering devices, sidewalks, playground equipment, storm water management, voluntary trail system contribution, blue box/green bin fees.


  • Prior to signing a Site Plan Agreement, an applicant must demonstrate they have app​ropriate insurance coverage including:
    • Commercial - $10 million for subdivisions, $5 million for site plan agreements
    • Automotive - $5 million for subdivisions, $2 million for site plan agreements
    • Environmental - $5 million for subdivisions, $1 million for site plan agreements