Driveway Widening and Curb Cuts


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​​​​​Curb cuts are regulated in the Town of Newmarket to ensure:

  • Compliance with the Zoning By-laws
  • Safe distances from street infrastructure (hydro boxes, hydrants, streetlights)
  • Protection of Town-owned trees
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  • Driveways must be a minimum of:
    • 0.6m away from an adjacent property line
    • 1.5m away from any street infrastructure
    • 1.5m away from any Town-owned tree
  • For more complete information and to find the width your driveway is permitted to be consult the Town's zoning by-law at
  • You must provide a plan for your property that clearly illustrates:
    1. Existing driveway width
    2. Proposed driveway width
    3. Property lines
    4. Any trees, utilities, streetlights, hydro poles, or other fixtures and measurements from all of these to your proposed driveway and property lines, measured in metres


  • All applications for curb cuts will be sent to the Planning Division to ensure requested widths comply with the applicable zoning by-law.
  • All curb cuts must be approved and the Town of Newmarket's contractor will complete the construction.
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to submit an application in full. Partially completed applications will not be accepted.
  • The applicant must be paid in full prior to any cut being initiated.
  • Curb cuts will not be permitted within 0.6 metres of the property line.
  • A minimum of 1.5 metres must be m​​aintained from the proposed curb cut to any above ground structures (i.e. trees, utility boxes, hydrants, etc.).
  • Distance from street trees should be discussed with Town's Consulting Arborist. The size of the tree determines the size of the Tree Protection Zone.
  • Second driveways are not permitted by the zoning by-law. A minor variance application to the Committee of Adjustment may be possible. (Note: current zoning by-law permits circular driveways under certain circumstances.)

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Application Process 

If you wish to widen your driveway, please follow the necessary steps below:

  1. Prepare a drawing using a copy of your property survey. The property survey or drawing must show the existing driveway width in metres as well as the proposed width you wish to widen to as well as location of trees, utility boxes, street signs, light posts, sidewalk and dimension of curb to property line (must greater than 0.6 metres).
  2. Fill out an application form in person at the Customer Service department at  Municipal Offices  or send your application to Application forms will then be sent to the Planning department  to determine if the proposed curb cut length adheres to the Zoning By-law.
  3. Once the application has been processed, and the proposed curb cuts comply with the Zoning By-law, the municipality will investigate the site and ensure no existing street furniture or street trees prevent the curb cut. This process usually takes two to three weeks.
  4. The Town will contact you to advise you of the outcome of your application.

Please note, curb cut requests in new or 'un-assumed' subdivisions are not approved. Homeowners are asked to wait until their subdivision has been assumed by the Town, before they apply for a curb cut.

Fees for driveway widening

If your application has been approved, the fee will be $329.73 including HST in accordance with the Town's Fees and Charges By-law.