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​​​​A number of new bike lane projects have been implemented throughout Newmarket. Below is a summary of some of the new cycling features on our streets:

Installation of reflective bollards on Srigley St, Prospect St, Timothy St, Lorne Ave, and Millard Ave: Bike lanes with flexible bollards on both sides have been installed as part of the east-west bikeway project. The bollards create a physical separation between cyclists and motorists and can serve as a traffic calming measure as they narrow the road to reduce speeds. Bollards will be removed in the winter to allow for snow plowing.

To learn more about flexible bollards, please visit Newmarket's Speed Management page.

cropped bollard sagain.jpgBollards 2 cropped.jpg

Installation of advisory lanes on Park Avenue: Advisory lanes have been implemented on Park Avenue between Main Street and Lorne Avenue. With advisory lanes, cyclists have a protected path and the roadway centre lane is wide enough for a car to easily pass. When two cars meet, the dashed advisory line allows motorists to move into the advisory lane to pass each other. 

Road in Newmarket with Advisory bike lanesadvisory bike lanes on a road in Newmarket

Placement of green route markers on Srigley St, Timothy St, and Main St:  Bike route markers have been painted on Srigley St, Timothy St, and Main St to show the path of the East-West bike route.  These markers indicate a bike route, but also indicate to motorists and cyclists that they need to share the road in this location. Bike route markers are used when the roadways are too narrow for conventional bike lanes or other types of cycling infrastructure.
a green bike route mark on a street in Newmarketa sign that reads Single File Only for travelling cars and cyclists

The opening of the shared pathway on Eagle St W: A part of the east-west bikeway project, a shared pathway was installed on Eagle St W from Millard Ave to Davis Dr.  A shared pathway allows pedestrians and cyclists to safely use a path together. Shared pathways are intended to be treated like a "miniature roadway". Slower travelling users should situate themselves on the right side of the lane.  This allows faster users to pass on the left side when the time is appropriate and safe.   
a pathway that is used for cyclists and pedestriansa pathway that is sued by cyclists and pedestrians

The opening of dedicated bike lanes on Main Street north from Bristol Road to Green Lane: Newmarket has new on-street bike lanes on Main Street North from Bristol Road to the Newmarket border, enhancing connectivity and improving the way people travel. 

The opening of bike lanes on Lundy's Lane from Davis Drive to Bolton Avenue: Bike lanes are now open on both sides of the street on Lundy's Lane, from Davis Drive to Bolton Avenue. ​