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Town of Newmarket

Sign By-law Review

In 2009, Sign By-law 2009-79 was passed, regulating signage and advertising devices displayed in the Town. The authority for a municipal sign by-law is provided for in Section 99(1) of the Municipal Act. The Sign By-law regulates signage and advertising devices by setting out:

     - the sign types, dimensions, quantity and permitted location of signage

     - permit requirements and regulations for signs which do not require a permit;

     - the setbacks, permitted zones and maintenance requirements for temporary and permanent signage;

     - the removal of signs and enforcement, penalties and variance provisions

The by-law is currently under review by staff. The key areas of review for the draft by-law include; digital signage regulations, hoarding signage, non-profit signage, third party advertising and mobile signage.

The staff report Corporate Services - Legislative Services - By-laws 2012-05 was received by Council at the February 27, 2012 Committee of the Whole Meeting.  The report provides background information on the review process, two site specific sign issues and the public consultation process.

The Sign By-law Review Public Information Session took place on Thursday March 29, 2012 at 7:00pm in the Council Chambers - 395 Mulock Drive .The information session included a staff presentation which outlined the key changes incorporated in the draft by-law and was followed by a feedback opportunity for stakeholders.

Consultation with stakeholders is ongoing and following the completion of a review process, the feedback received throughout the public consultation period will be summarized and included in a staff report to Committee of the Whole.