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Town of Newmarket

Development Charges

The Town of Newmarket has enacted a Development Charges bylaw. These charges are indexed as per the Statistics Canada, Construction Price Statistics.

Municipalities in Ontario use Development Charges (DCs) to recover certain costs that can be associated with residential and non-residential growth.   The Development Charges Act is the statutory basis which permits these recoveries.   It also sets out that municipalities are required to update their DC by-laws and rates every five years.

2014 Development Charge Bylaw Brochure - Town-wide 

2014 Development Charge Bylaw Brochure - Northwest Quadrant     


Residential Development Charges - effective NOVEMBER 8, 2014

Non-Residential Development Charges - effective SEPTEMBER 1, 2014


Northwest Quadrant Development Area - effective SEPTEMBER 1, 2014

Development Charges Background Study - OFFICE CONSOLIDATION, Sept. 4/14 

2014 Development Charges Review - Final Report 2014-11 (Appendices A, B and C included)

2014 Development Charges Review - Final Report
Appendix A-2014 Development Charges Town-wide By-law
Appendix B -2014 Development Charges Northwest Quadrant By-law
Appendix C-2014 Development Charges Phase-In Rates and Transition Plan

Info Report 2014-12 2014 Development Charges Review - Corrections
Info Report 2014-13 2014 Development Charges Review - By-laws 2014-41 and 2014-42

(This report outlines the final corrections/clarifications to Development Charges By-laws 2014-41-Northwest Quadrant and 2014-42-Town-wide).

2014 Development Charges By-laws

Notice of Passing of By-laws 2014-41 and 2014-42

By-law 2014-42 - A By-law to Establish Development Charges for the Town of Newmarket (Town-Wide)  effective September 1, 2014

By-law 2014-41 - A By-law to Establish Area Specific Development Charges for the Town of Newmarket (Northwest Quadrant Development Area) - effective September 1, 2014   

The following links will bring you to information on Region & Education Development Charges:

More information and updates will be posted as it becomes available.

Contact information:      Mike Mayes 905-953-5300, ext. 2102; mmayes@newmarket.ca