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Newmarket gets green light for first ecohousing subdivision in Canada

NEWMARKET, Ontario, January 16, 2006 On Friday, January 13, the Town of Newmarket cemented its position as a municipal leader of green initiatives with the sale of 34 lots to Rodeo Fine Homes Inc. (Rodeo) for an environmentally-progressive subdivision in Newmarket.

After considerable negotiations, the Town sold the 34 lots to Rodeo for $3.2 million (M). Rodeo will also be paying $1,000 per lot to the Town for the development of community trails.

"I feel we struck a good balance between our commitment to the environment and to the taxpayers of Newmarket. I'm thrilled that Newmarket will soon be home to Canada's first environmentally-progressive subdivision of this scope and I'd like to thank Council and the public for their support," says Newmarket Mayor Tom Taylor.

The 34 environmentally-progressive 'green' homes will be located on the south-west corner of the Stickwood-Walker property on Mulock Drive, and will meet the following target criteria defined in the Town's request for proposal (RFP):

  • 25 per cent reduction in household water draws compared to conventional homes
  • 60 per cent reduction in overall water discharge flows, solid waste, energy use and greenhouse gasses compared to conventional homes

To date, this initiative has drawn the interest and support of many areas municipalities, other levels of government, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), the Ontario Power Authority and more.

"It's my ultimate hope that the awareness generated by Newmarket's eco-homes motivates the building industry and other municipalities to follow suit. I'm very pleased and encouraged that Menkes has decided to include green homes in Newmarket," continues Mayor Taylor.

On January 11, 2006, Menkes announced that it will be offering energy-efficient homes on its residential development of 124 lots in Newmarket. Menkes purchased these lots from the Town in 2005. "Based on feedback from the Town and the local community…we felt this was the right time and place to offer these types of green homes," says Steven Menkes, Executive Vice-President of Menkes.

The Town purchased the 90-acre Stickwood-Walker property in January 2003. Since then, Newmarket Council approved a land use plan that includes a state-of-the-art recreation complex, open space and heritage reserves, and 160 residential lots. Menkes will build residential homes on 124 lots, Rodeo will build the environmentally-progressive subdivision on 34 lots and the two remaining lots will be donated by the Town to Habitat for Humanity. A multi-residential, low-rise complex (maximum of 50 units) that includes affordable and special needs dwellings will also be built on the property.


For more information contact:
Crystal Moss, Communications Specialist
Tel: 905-953-5300, ext. 2042
E-mail: cmoss@newmarket.ca

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About the Stickwood-Walker Farm project

The Town purchased the 90-acre Stickwood-Walker Farm property in March 2003 for the development of a state-of-the art recreation complex. See the map below for the land use breakdown of the property. Below the map, a partial progression of this project is presented in reverse chronological order. Click on the links to learn more. Image

Council considers eco-housing subdivision for Stickwood-Walker
NEWMARKET, Ontario, January 5, 2005 At a Special Council meeting last night, Newmarket Council voted to consider the development of 34 environmentally-sustainable homes…

Town saves 400 trees on Stickwood-Walker site
NEWMARKET, Ontario, September 21, 2005 In keeping with its commitment to environmental protection and enhancement, the Town will remove and replant approximately 400 trees on the Stickwood-Walker property.

Sale of residential lots on Stickwood-Walker property finalized
NEWMARKET, Ontario, August 19, 2005 The Town of Newmarket today announced the sale of the 124 easterly residential lots on the Stickwood-Walker property to Menkes Homes Inc. for $16.1 M.

New recreation complex arriving early 2007
NEWMARKET, Ontario, August 10, 2005 Construction work has begun to make way for a new state-of-the-art recreation complex on the Stickwood-Walker property.

Newmarket Council approves 25-metre pool
NEWMARKET, Ontario, January 26, 2005 - At a Special Council meeting last night, Council approved the inclusion of a 25-metre eight-lane pool and teaching pool at the future recreation facility.

Stickwood-Walker facility to contain Olympic ice rink
NEWMARKET, Ontario, October 7, 2004 - At a special meeting on Monday evening, Town of Newmarket Council voted to construct four ice surfaces - including an Olympic-sized rink - at the future recreation facility.

Land use approved by Council for Stickwood-Walker farm
Newmarket, Ontario, March 11, 2004 Town of Newmarket Council approved the land use for the Stickwood-Walker farm at a special meeting of Council last night.

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