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The Bin is In! Newmarket's Green Bin Collection

ImageImageThe BIN IS IN and it's going to change the way you think about garbage. After being collected, your organic waste will be converted into rich compost for farming and landscaping instead of going to landfill. The Town strongly encourages use of the green bin to help the environment and to reach the Town's diversion target of eliminating 65% of waste from landfill. So do something good for the earth and toss it in the bin. You'll be glad you did.

YOUR COLLECTION HAS CHANGED! With the implementation of the Green Bin program, residents are reminded that their collection schedule has changed. Blue Boxes and Green bins are collected weekly while garbage is collected every other week (limit: three bags every two weeks). See your new recycling and waste collection calendar for more details.


Compostable Bags and the Green Bin Program

In 2010, the Region will continue to educate residents on the use of compostable bags in the green bin with a transition from plastic bags to compostable bags to begin in January 2011. A mandatory shift to certified compostable bags in the Green Bin program will take place May 1, 2011. Currently, the use of compostable bags is voluntary. Plastic bags are still accepted in the green bin. 

Recycle Your Plastic BagsAttachment (4.6 MB)

Want to learn more? E-mail info@newmarket.ca