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Town of Newmarket Crest

Town of NewmarketThe Town of Newmarket crest, illustrated at the side, is actually taken from the Corporate Seal of the Town. The Town Flag consists of this device centred on a royal blue background, with the hive, bees and crown being gold and the leaves green. Many municipal flags feature a similar composition of their seal on a coloured background.

The Town seal has undergone a change over the years; however, the basic concept has not changed.

At the third meeting of the Council of the Village of Newmarket on February 15, 1858, the Reeve was requested to procure a Corporate Seal. No further reference to this seal has been found. The original design differed somewhat from that depicted above. The first seal shows the beehive sitting on a branch with five bees hovering above and a garland of maple leaves flanking the hive. Printed on a riband below the hive is the motto "Prudence" and around the circumference of the design is inscribed "Newmarket Municipality, Ont.". It is believed to have been designed by a local artist and it is generally held that the beehive and the bees are symbolic of the leading industries in the village at the time. Newmarket was literally a 'hive' of activity.

In 1938 a new seal appeared, incorporating the symbol that is in use today. There does not appear to be any record in the minutes with respect to purchase or re-design of this seal.