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​​​​​​​​​​The Town is proposing a by-law to protect trees on Town-owned property. This by-law will require a permit to remove or injure a Town-owned tree. It will also establish fines and penalties for the un-authorized removal of or injury to a town-owned tree. ​

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As population pressure and economic demand for land and timber increases, the sustainability of urban forests is threatened. Trees are an intrinsic part of our communities, towns, cities, and regional districts. They play a vital role in creating and maintaining sustainable communities that attract and retain residents and businesses. A healthy urban canopy can be considered as an investment that will only appreciate over time.  ​

Trees play a valuable role in the wellbeing of Newmarket. Trees in Newmarket:

  • ​Have a replacement value of $364,000,000
  • Sequester 1,558 metric tonnes of carbon per year, at an annual value of $120,400
  • Remove 40 metric tonnes of air pollutants per year, at an annual value of $321,500
  • Reduce local heating and cooling costs by 1,127 MWH, at an annual savings of $3,345,000
  • Manage 215,000 square metres of water runoff per year, at an annual value of $500,000


​​Town-owned trees are occasionally injured or removed. This may be done by the Town to remove an unhealthy tree, or with the Town's permission by a resident or developer to allow for a change to a private property. ​In order to ensure that Town-owned trees are protected and that requests to injure or remove them are evaluated consistently, a by-law regulating the injury and removal of Town-owned trees is required.

​The ​​proposed by-law would:

  1. Prohibit the injury or removal of any Town-owned trees
  2. Establish a permit process to review requests to injure or remove Town-owned trees
  3. Require compensation for any trees that the Town allows to be injured or removed
  4. Create offences and fines for which anyone injuring or removing Town-owned trees without a permit

​​Your input​

The Town is looking for your input on the By-law until October 2, 2017. Please contact the Planning Department or 905-953-5135 to submit comments.

Council will consider the By-law at the Committee of the Whole Meeting of October 16, 2017.​​ For agendas, minutes, and the meeting schedules for Committee of the Whole, visit this page​.