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  • Information about the Proposed Power of Entry By-law

    Created: Thursday, March 23, 2017

    ​Adoption of Power of Entry By-Law clarification

    The Town of Newmarket Council will consider adopting a Power of Entry By-law at the March 27 Council meeting at the Municipal Offices (395 Mulock Drive). 

    The purpose of the Power of Entry By-law is to assist Newmarket By-law officers in dealing with health and safety issues on properties when property owners are not available. Many of the current by-laws already include this provision. For example, if a pool enclosure is not properly secured, the by-law officer will attempt to contact the property owner and if not successful, will enter on to the property to correct the safety hazard.

    This by-law is going to Council to provide housekeeping amendments to older by-laws and to update legislated permissions. By-law officers will continue to attempt to seek permission from property owners before entering properties. Please note that Newmarket by-law officers already have the authority to conduct inspections on the exterior of a property. This by-law does not apply to interior property inspections.

    For more information, please call 905-895-5193, email​ or see our Frequently Asked Questions sheet  regarding the Town's proposed Power of Entry By-law