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  • Queen Street and Wilstead Drive Road Reconstruction and Water and Sewer Replacement

    Created: Wednesday, June 14, 2017

    ​Construction C​orner​ 

    Queen Street Construction (West of Lorne Avenue)​ 

    Week of September 25, ​2017 ​

    Project Updates: Issue 1

    ​Over the past two weeks, work in your area has included:

    1. The removal of asphalt, installation of tree protection, environmental controls and temporary fencing on Queen Street from Millard Avenue to Parkside Drive.

    2. The installation of sanitary pipe and manholes along Queen Street from Millard Avenue to Parkside Drive.

    3. The installation of sanitary pipe along Wilstead Drive.

    Over the next two weeks, the following work is scheduled for completion (weather permitting):

    1. The installation of sanitary and water service lines along Queen Street from Millard Avenue to Parkside.

    2. The installation of watermains along Queen Street from Millard Avenue to Parkside and on Wilstead starting October 2.

    Also note that the Town will be upgrading the water service connections to all properties to 1 inch in diameter which will provide a noticeable increase in water flow. Additionally, the watermain is increasing in size to accommodate future re-development along the Yonge and Davis corridors. Finally, should residents require additional garbage or recycling bags, please see any member of the construction crew.

    Construction Corner provides updates to residents who are directly impacted by construction. We know that this construction may be the cause of some inconveniences and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we complete the necessary work. We value your feedback on whether or not you find these updates to be helpful. Please contact us at 905-895-5193 to provide your thoughts.

    August 18, 2017

    Construction Notice

    Queen Street and Wilstead Drive Road Reconstruction, Watermain and Sanitary Sewer Replac​​ement, Culvert Replacement and Sidewalk Construction 

    Further to our previous correspondence dated June 13, 2017 the Town would like to inform you that construction on Queen Street and Wilstead Drive has been awarded to Aecon Construction and Materials Limited of Toronto, Ontario.

    The project limits are (1) Queen Street from Millard Avenue to Lorne Avenue and (2) Wilstead Drive from Queen Street to approximately 90 m. north of Queen Street.  In addition, it will include the replacement of the existing road cross culvert in Western Creek at Haskett Park, just west of Forest Glen Road.

    The scope of work will include the following;

    1.  Complete road reconstruction including the replacement of the granular material under the road

    2.  Replacement of the existing sanitary sewer from Millard Avenue to Parkview Crescent (east leg) and on the short section of Wilstead Drive

    3.  Replacement of the existing watermain from Millard Avenue to Lorne Avenue and on the short section of Wilstead Drive

    4.  Replacement of the existing road cross culvert just west of Forest Glen Road

    5.  Replacement of the existing sidewalk with a new 1.5 m. wide concrete sidewalk on both sides and construction of a new sidewalk on the south/east side of Queen Street from Millard Avenue to opposite Parkside Drive; and

    6.  Construction of a pedestrian safety refuge island at Haskett Park.

    The contractor will commence mobilizing their machinery and equipment on site the week of August 21, 2017 and it is anticipated that construction work will commence the week of August 28, 2017.  The project will be constructed in two phases, with Phase 1 being from Queen Street from Millard Avenue to Parkside Drive and will include the short section of Wilstead Drive.  This Phase of the work should be completed before the winter of 2017, weather permitting.

    Phase 2 of the project will be Queen Street from Parkside Drive to Lorne Avenue and work on this section will commence in the spring of 2018 with completion scheduled for the fall of 2018, weather permitting.

    The culvert replacement will be undertaken during the summer of 2018.

    While construction projects of this nature are usually accompanied by a certain degree of noise and dust, the Town will endeavor to ensure that this is kept to a minimum and that inconvenience to residents will also be minimized.  Working hours will be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday (holidays excepted), with the occasional Saturday work should it become necessary.

    Emergency vehicle and local vehicle access will be maintained at all times.  There will be restricted access to your driveway at times due to the installation of new curb and sidewalk.  The Town's By-law Enforcement office will be advised and requested to give special consideration to vehicles parked on the surrounding streets during these times.

    If you or any member of your household have special accessibility needs requirements (i.e. wheelchair access, etc.) and would like assistance getting in and out of the construction zone during the progress of the work, please advise the undersigned and arrangements will be made with the contractor to accommodate your request.

    There may be periodic water shut offs during certain phases of the watermain construction.  The contractor will give you a minimum of 48 hours prior notice before shutting off the water.

    To keep residents informed, the Town will be sending out bi-weekly notices titled "Construction Corner".  Please look for these notices to keep informed on the construction progress.

    The Town's consulting engineers, The Ainley Group, will have a representative on site to oversee the construction activities and to deal with any concerns that you may have.  Should you have any questions regarding the construction, please contact Mr. Paul Kehoe of The Ainley Group during business hours at (705) 737- 6025, or the undersigned at (905) 953-5300 enter 2, followed by 2504 via telephone or at via e-mail.  For after-hours emergencies please contact the Town's 24 hour dispatch at (905) 895-5193. 


    June 13, 2017

    Project Status Update

    The Town is pleased to inform you that the design for the Queen Street  and Wilstead Drive reconstruction project is very close to completion and will soon be tendered out.

    As shown at the Public Information Centre (PIC) held in February, the work will include the reconstruction of Queen Street from Lorne Avenue to Millard Avenue, including the replacement of the existing watermain and sanitary sewers. A short section of Wilstead Drive from Queen Street to approximately 90 metres north of the intersection will be reconstructed, again including the replacement of watermain and sanitary sewer.

    In addition to the above, the Town will also be replacing the large existing road culvert just west of Forest Glen Road (at Western Creek) with a new concrete box culvert.

    Because of the complexity and magnitude of this project, work will be carried out in two phases, as follows:

    Phase 1 (Substantial completion expected by the end of 2017):

    Reconstruction of Queen Street, from Millard Avenue to the east leg of Parkview Crescent;

    Construction of a traffic-calming pinch point, combined with Low Impact Development (LID) to capture storm drainage and slow down traffic near JLR Bell School;

    Reconstruction of Wilstead Drive, from Queen Street to approximately 90 metres north of the intersection;

    Base coat of asphalt to be placed in 2017, with top coat placed some time in 2018.

    Phase 2 (Expected to fully start in the Spring of 2018, with completion expected by the end of 2018):

    Replacement of the large culvert on Queen Street, west of Forest Glen at Western Creek (construction activities related to the culvert could commence during winter months. If so, the Town will inform you in advance);

    Road reconstruction along Queen Street, from the east leg of Parkview Crescent to Lorne Avenue;

    Construction of a pedestrian crossing / safety refuge island near Haskett Park.

    A further update will follow once the project has been tendered and a successful contractor has been selected.

    If you have any questions regarding this project please contact the undersigned at (905) 953-5300 enter 2, followed by 2504 via telephone, or at via e-mail.

    Yours truly,

    Tom Ungar, P.Eng.

    Capital Projects Engineer