Artistic rendering of futuristic Newmarket at Yonge Street and Davis Drive

Economic Development Office

395 Mulock Drive P.O. Box 328 Station Main, Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 4X7

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​​​​Newmarket offers the perfect balance between liveability and economic prosperity. Our economic future is bright with a local economy that is flourishing and diverse. As we look towards the future, the growth of the Town will occur in five strategic sectors:

  • Business Services, ​​building on Newmarket`s strong finance and professional sector
  • Health Sciences, anchored by the Southlake Regional Health Centre
  • Information and Communications Technology​, building ​on the Town`s ultra high speed internet project
  • Manufacturing, reinforcing the more than 5,000 manufacturing jobs in Newmarket
  • And retail and creative industries, growing the entrepreneurial and ​​creative sectors centred on Newmarket`s historic downtown Main Street
Contact our Economic Development Office​ to learn more about how we can support your entry and growth in each of these key areas.​