Municipal Office

395 Mulock Drive P.O. Box 328 Station Main, Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 4X7


ENVI is the Town's new municipally-owned internet service provider. ENVI is building a pure fibre optic network, within the Town of Newmarket with a goal of providing enhanced internet connectivity to existing and potentially new businesses in the area. ENVI understands the excitement surrounding the residential market and the openness for a new competitive player, however, ENVI is focused on the business community to start. 

Investing in Broadband

The investment in a broadband infrastructure provides the foundation of a number of future applications to be deployed within the Town of Newmarket. Any device; be it wired, or wireless will eventually need to connect to a fibre optic network for internet access. Newmarket has been and continues to be focused on enhancing the community through various Smart City initiatives and many of these products and applications will require data connectivity. The infrastructure that is being put in place now will allow for those future applications to be possible.

Benefits for Residents and Businesses

As ENVI will be focused on business connections to start, this will provide a better and more cost-effective service to the business community within Newmarket. As the network and services continue to grow, the underlying network can be leveraged for future residential services. 

Future Goals

ENVI has built and is operating a number of points of presence sites (POP's) around the Town of Newmarket. These POP's allow us to extend connectivity to the nearby businesses. To date, there have been a number of customers that are actively using the service along the following main roadways, Harry Walker, Nicholson, Gorham, Kerrisdale, Ringwell, Stellar, Main St, Mulock, Pony, Leslie (soon to be completed). As ENVI's network continues to expand we encourage anyone who may be interested in service to contact ENVI. 

If you are not located within the areas mentioned above, it does not mean ENVI cannot provide service to you.  ENVI has clients outside these areas  and encourages you to contact to discuss what services you need and how ENVI may be able to help.  ENVI strives to support businesses with their Telecommunications needs.

ENVI in on the path to becoming the leading trusted Telecommunications provider in Newmarket and surrounding areas.

Contact: 289-903-0150 or