​​​​​The key to Newmarket's economic success and what has distinguished our community as one of Canada's best is a foundation of collaboration.

Newmarket has worked closely with a number of private and public sector partners to better understand how the world is changing and how Newmarket can remain a leader in cutting-edge innovations like medical technologies and broadband. These partnerships help​​ shape strategic priorities to keep Newmarket competitive, build job opportunities and ensure a solid foundation for the future of our community.

From 'me' to 'we'

Some of Newmarket's strongest partnerships and forward-thinking initiatives include a Shared Digital Infrastructure (SDI) project that focused on shifting the community to a digital-based economy and CreateITNow at Southlake, a health-care focused innovation centre that was made possible through a partnership with Southlake Regional Health Centre, VentureLab, Seneca College, York Region​​ and York University.

A recent partnership with IBM, Cisco Systems, the ET Group, Newmarket-Tay Power Distribution, the Newmarket Public Library, Southlake Regional Health Centre, Newmarket Chamber of Commerce​ and York Region has led to the formation of the Newmarket Innovation Team. This integral group will help to further shape Newmarket's Economic Development Strategy using technology as the platform for future economic growth.         

This spirit of collaboration has also taken us beyond our borders to countries like Finland, Estonia, and the Netherlands to explore strategic partnership opportunities and create a network with International businesses interested in expanding in North American markets. 

When you lo​​cate in Newmarket you can expect this level of teamwork and collaboration to support and encourage your business success.