List of Registered Accessory Dwelling Units


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L3Y 4X7

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Tips for finding your Registered Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU):

  • Click the "Registration Number", "Street Number", and "Street Name" headings below to sort in alphabetical and/or numerical order.
  • If you are unsure of the registration number of your ADU, use the street number heading to find your address quickly.

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2008-0063284ALEX DONER DR
2005-0578308ALEX DONER DR
2014-0059205ALEXANDER RD
2010-0068206ALEXANDER RD
2011-004696ALEXANDER RD
2020-002032ALF NEELY WAY
2020-0039679ALLAN AVE
2004-0002767ALLAN AVE
2009-0025310AMELIA ST
2008-0097312AMELIA ST
2004-0565334AMELIA ST
2013-0020342AMELIA ST
2014-0020350AMELIA ST
2013-0044324ANDREW ST
2013-0021361ANDREW ST
2011-0009382ANDREW ST
2004-0566419ANDREW ST
2007-0099420ANDREW ST
2009-0010138ARMITAGE DR
2005-0578871ARNOLD CRES
2010-0067883ARNOLD CRES
2010-0047778ARTHUR ST
2017-0006758ARTHUR ST.
2022-002945Ashton Road
2020-00361236ATKINS DR
2021-000893AUSTIN PAUL DR
2010-0024253AVENUE RD
2005-0012309AVENUE RD
2008-0098314AVENUE RD
2016-006748BALLARD CRES
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