Newmarket is Canada's 14th Bee City


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The Town of Newmarket is the 14th Bee City in Canada as awarded by Bee City Canada. Bee City Canada Logo.png

Newmarket was awarded this designation based on the Town’s current initiatives to protect pollinators such as:

  • Planting 500 Milkweed Seeds
  • Finding eco-friendly solutions instead of using pesticides
  • Creating a butterfly garden at Ken Sturgeon Park
  • Working with local students and educating them on the importance of pollinators and providing them with seeds to plant. 

Why are bees and pollinators important?

Pollination is an important process to ensure healthy ecosystems and agriculture. Did you know that more than 100 types of crops are pollinated by bees and other pollinators such as butterflies, pollinating beetles, hummingbirds, night-flying moths, day flying moths, and pollinating flies. 

Without pollinators, there wouldn't be fruits for vegetables such as applies, strawberries, watermelon, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes as 1/3 of our diet comes from food that pollinators help produce. 

About Bee City Canada 

Bee City Canada is an organization focused on encouraging communities to become champions for pollinators. Bee City Canada is made up of researchers, educators, beekeepers, farmers, ecologist, community leaders and other committed individuals across Canada. Bee City Canada strives to help all Canadians understand the close connection with pollinators and their critical link to the health of the planet. Their goal is to give direction and encourage communities to take action to protect pollinators. For more information on Bee City initiatives, please visit 

Current Bee City Initiatives

  • Butterfly Garden at Ken Sturgeon Park
  • Display and educational booths at Town of Newmarket events 
  • Educational presentations at local Town of Newmarket schools
  • Bee City Garden at the Magna Centre micro fields