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In keeping with the Town's commitment to the environment, Newmarket's pesticide use bylaw (passed in 2008) prohibits the use of pesticides on private and public property. Doing so will encourage a more natural approach to caring for lawns and gardens which is good for your pets, your health and your community.

Lucy the Ladybug  Lucy

Lucy the ladybug is Newmarket's pesticide free expert. She travels around Newmarket to spread the word on how you can maintain a healthy lawn without the use of pesticides.

  • Name: Lucy T. Ladybug
  • Age: unknown (a lady never tells)
  • Hometown: Newmarket, Ontario
  • Hobbies: Flying through Fairy Lake, shopping on Main Street and gardening
  • Favourite Food: Aphids (I eat 50 to 60 a day)

Lucy's gardening tips

Ladybugs are the most popular and widely used beneficial insects for commercial and home use. They eat aphids and other pests that infest your flower and vegetable gardens. Here are 7 reasons we are lucky to have ladybugs!


1. Ladybugs are an environmentally natural source to control plant damage.
2. Ladybugs eat aphids, whitefly, mealy bugs, scales and mites, which all do damage to your garden.
3. Ladybugs are inexpensive to buy (less than $10 dollars per pint). 
4. Ladybugs are territorial and will stay within your garden throughout the warm weather months.
5. Ladybugs are distasteful to other insect predators so they won't disappear from your garden.
6. Ladybugs take little effort or involvement from the homeowner. Just release them and they start to work! 
7. Ladybugs are family friendly! Almost universally considered lucky, ladybugs are loved for their appearance and won't scare children or bother adults.

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