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Newmarket’s urban canopy is made up of both public and private trees and is a valuable infrastructure asset. The replacement value of Newmarket’s trees exceeds $350,000,000.​ The 2016 Urban Forestry Study showed that these trees help to:

  • Avoid more than 200,000 cubic metres of water runoff each year, a service valued at nearly $500,000. 
  • Reduce erosion, improve air quality, and increase property values. 
  • Reduce residential energy costs by more than $3,000,000 per year. 

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Newmarket's Urban Forestry Management Plan 

In 2019, the Town of Newmarket established an Urban Forestry Management Plan. that outlines the long term management strategy for the care and maintenance of all trees in Newmarket over the next 20 years. This plan will set a clear path for the future management and growth of the Town's tree canopy. The plan presents current and best urban forestry practices and opportunities where Newmarket can do more. Topics include:

  • Urban Forest Tree Inventory
  • Tree Maintenance Plan
  • Tree Establishment and Planting Plan
  • Tree Protection
  • Invasive Species & Noxious Weeds Management Plan
  • Outreach and Public Engagement Plan

Learn more by viewing Newmarket's Urban Forestry Management Plan.

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