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About the Artist

Ted Fullerton is a Canadian artist who works in painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture and has achieved awards in all four media. As a figurative artist his work is symbolic in nature. The conceptual foundation and ideology within his artistic practise is humanist in nature emphasising the notion of belief, purpose and relationships: being and becoming. His work is exhibited nationally and internationally and is represented in numerous private and public collections. He has participated in over 55 solo exhibitions and 100 group exhibitions. He was awarded, Excellence in the Arts by the City of Barrie in 2010, the Georgian College Board of Governors Award of Excellence in 2012 and has been a member of the Royal Canadian Academy since 2009. He has been commissioned for a number of public sculpture commissions - the City of Guelph,the City of Kitchener - and most recently for St. Albert - Alberta, Manitoulin Island and the City of Waterloo. The Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton have recently acquired and installed a large permanent sculpture. As an educator, he was professor and head of the Fine Art Program at Georgian College, School of Design and Visual Art from 1978-2013. He has also been active as a curator, where he has focused on artist's work or collections that have caught his interest.  

Artist website:  http://www.tedfullerton.net/

Original Print for Sale

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Artist Ted Fullerton has generously donated multiple original lithograph prints of Sun Rise, which are numbered and signed. A limited quantity is available for sale at a price of $475 plus tax. Market value $1,800 per print. 100% of sales proceeds will benefit gallery programs at the Newmarket Old Town Hall.

If you are interested in purchasing or require further information, please contact Logan Bales at lbales@newmarket.ca or speak to the Customer Service Kiosk at Newmarket Old Town Hall.

Ted Fullerton is represented by Bau-xi Gallery in Toronto and Vancouver. Visit: www.bau-xi.com for more information.

What is Lithography Printing?

Lithography is a challenging, physically daunting, and time-consuming medium. It is based on the principle of grease and water resisting one another. The process of lithography is intricate and each step requires skill and intuition to reveal a perfect print.

The printing method begins with drawing on a prepared stone, usually limestone, with a greasy material such as a lithograph crayon or lithopencils to create the desired image. A large stone can weight up to 600lbs. Next, the surface of the stone is treated with various chemical substances in a particular order. Once this process is completed, the first roll of ink is applied to the stone and put through the press, which applies massive amounts of pressure to the stone and the paper. The first print will only reveal a minimal amount of the image as it takes an average of 4 to 6 newsprints or "proofs" for the stone to come up to a full inking. Once the proofs look the way the artist is happy with, they can start printing editions.

Each print made in a run is unique and slightly different from the next. This is due to the amount of ink used, placement, and other prepping factors that gives each print its own individuality.


Hear Ted Fullerton talk about the making of Sun Rise