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The Town of Newmarket purchased the Mulock Property in October 2018. This property which is approximately 11.6 acres is located in the northwest corner of Mulock Drive and Yonge Street. The vision for this property is to create an iconic community park/outdoor green space. The inspiration comes from iconic parks such as Central Park in New York and outdoor skating trails such as Gage Park in Brampton or the Arrowhead Ice Trail in Huntsville.  The cost of the property is $24 million and will be financed through responsible debt financing.

Community Engagement 

As part of the Town's community engagement process and one of Council's Strategic Priorities, we are currently collecting feedback from the community on: 

1.     What would you like to see included on the Mulock Property?

2.     What the Mulock House might be used for?

Everyone is invited to get involved and share your thoughts with us online at
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Artist rendering of the Mulock

The above photo is an artists rendering of the Mulock Estate. This inspiration comes from iconic parks like Central Park in New York and outdoor skating trails like Gage Park in Brampton or the Arrowhead Ice Trail in Huntsville. 

Plans for the Mulock Property 

Skating trail with trees along the trail

The plans for the property will be to offer both passive and active recreation opportunities. In the summer months, the rink and skating trails could be used for various sports and walking/biking trails. The residence that exists on the property is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. It will be preserved by the Town and considered for uses that will best serve the community.

Through extensive public engagement came the creation and adoption of Newmarket’s Urban Centres Secondary Plan, which guides the redevelopment of the Yonge Street and Davis Drive corridors over the next 25+ years and designates the majority of this property as parks and open space. This is a key location within the intensifying urban centres and will provide much-needed recreation and activity space in a part of town that will be the second most densely-developed area at full build-out.

Concept Video

View the proposed concept videos for the Mulock Estate during the summer and winter months below:

Access to Mulock Property 

The Town of Newmarket held a Harvest Picnic Event on the Mulock Property on October 20, 2019, from 1 to 4 p.m. This was the first opportunity for residents to walk the grounds of the property. For more information, please view the Harvest Picnic Event page. 

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