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Take advantage of all that nature offers on Newmarket's trails. See the sights and experience the beauty of the great outdoors – birds, flowers, trees and fresh air! Check our map and then cycle, run, walk or blade your way as you discover our extensive network of trails. There are several rest stops with benches and washroom facilities along the way. Trails are well lit, cleared and maintained throughout the year by the Town of Newmarket. Here are a few entry points, with nearby parking, where you can start your journey:

  • George Richardson Park on Bayview Parkway

  • The Tannery on Davis Drive

  • Fairy Lake near Water Street

  • Cane Parkway north of Mulock Drive

  • Paul Semple Park on Savage Road

When enjoying the trails, please respect signs indicating that some trails are reserved for foot traffic. If you are cycling or blading, please stay on the main cycling trail and return another time on foot to use the hiking trails.

Newmarket's trails are part of the Nokiidaa Trail, which connects it to the Towns of East Gwillimbury and Aurora​.

As you make your way through the connected trails, you will find a series of carved, wooden totems at one-kilometre intervals to help you keep track of the distance you have travelled. Nearby signage provides the meaning and symbolism of the trail markers.

Bike lanes in Newmarket 

Newmarket is also home to bike-friendly routes. These routes create a more comfortable and safer environment for residents and visitors to cycle in Newmarket. Learn more about bike lanes in Newmarket. 

Respect the Environment

Newmarket's trails are a great way to enjoy nature and the outdoors. It is important to have as little impact on the natural environment as possible. To maintain the trails, please stay on the trail and avoid walking or biking through natural areas. When disposing any items, please ensure you use the designated waste and recycling receptacles. The trails are for everyone's enjoyment so please be safe and courteous to of other users. It takes all trail users to participate in maintaining our beautiful natural environment.

If you encounter a portion of the trail or natural habitat that requires any attention, please contact the Town of Newmarket.