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​Each year in the fall until early spring, the Town's Forestry Department conducts block pruning on Town-owned trees along streets and sidewalks in preparation for the winter. Doing so will keep the sidewalks and roadways clear for pedestrians and for snow plowing operations. 

Tree Pruning comparison

What are we pruning?

This season, the Town will be pruning up to 5,000 trees out of 33,000 boulevard trees in Newmarket.

Where are we pruning?

Pruning work will be divided evenly among the seven wards in Newmarket.

Why are we pruning?

Tree pruning is a key component to any tree maintenance program. Pruning will ensure the optimal health for the tree by extending its life for a greater benefit to the community and the environment. All tree pruning work will be done to the ISA Pruning Standards and best practices to ensure trees get the best possible care.

How are we pruning?

When pruning, we aim to balance the crown of the tree while ensuring the space around light poles, hydro lines, fire hydrants, street signs, driveways and more.

  • Sidewalks: Trees overhanging sidewalks will be pruned up to 10ft. above walkways and sidewalks to allow for the safe passing of pedestrians and sidewalk snow plows.
  • Roads: Trees overhanging roads will be pruned up to 15ft. above the roads to allow for the safe passage of trucks, garbage trucks and snow plows.
  • Driveway and Lawns: Trees overhanging driveways and lawns will be pruned up to 8ft. above the driveway/lawn so people can travel safely underneath the trees canopy to perform tasks such as mowing the lawn.
Tree pruning diagram