Heritage Permits

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The Town of Newmarket maintains the official list of heritage properties identified as being important to the community. ​​Under the Ontario Heritage Act, permits are required for certain works on properties that are designated on the heritage registry list. ​

If you own a designated property, please contact the Planning Department prior to making any changes. 

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When is a heritage permit required?

A permit is required for:

  • Alterations to or demolition of a designated property;
  • Alterations to or demolition of a property within the Heritage Conservation District.

 A heritage permit is not required for:

  • General repairs to  weather-stripping, eaves troughs, roofs, chi​mneys, fences, existing cladding;
  • Repair of broken window panes to original specifications;
  • Backyard patios, garden sheds, gazebos and other small outbuildings that are not readily visible from the street (and which do not require a Building Permit);
  • Planting and removal of vegetation on private property.