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​​​​​​Section 27 of the Ontario Heritage Act requires the clerk of every local municipality to keep an up to date register of properties of cultural heritage value or interest located in the municipality.

The municipal register is the official list or record of cultural heritage properties identified as being important to the community and must include all properties in the municipality that are designated under Part IV (individual designation) and Part V (district designation) of the Ontario Heritage Act, as of 2005.

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Designated Properties

Newmarket has designated 43 properties under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act​ and 72 properties as part of the Lower Main Street South Heritage Conservation District (HCD) under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act. These properties are designated due to their cultural and architectural heritage value. They are protected from demolition and changes to the building must be sensitive to their heritage value. The Planning Department keeps the Municipal Register of Properties De​signated Under the Heritage Act. Please contact the Planning Department for additional information regarding property designation and/or alterations to a designated property.  

Contact the Planning Department for additional information regarding eligible tax breaks for designated heritage properties.

Municipal Register of N​​on-Designated Properties

The Ontario Heritage Act also allows municipalities to include properties of cultural heritage value that are not designated on the municipal registry​​. This is commonly known as "listing."

Listing is a means to formally identify properties that may be of cultural heritage value or interest to the community. You can read more ​about the effects of a property being "listed" at th​e Ministry of Tourism and Culture website​.

The Town of Newmarket Municipal Register of non-designated properties that are of heritage value or interest is listed below. The Register is broken down into seven parts. The properties are listed by street name alphabetically.