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Heritage Conservation

Cultural heritage is a major part of what makes Newmarket unique. Cultural heritage resources can take many different forms:

  • buildings and structures;
  • streetscapes and landscapes;
  • cemeteries and archaeological sites; and
  • documents, photographs and artefact collections.
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Cultural Heritage in Newm​​​arket

Cultural heritage resources tell us who we are, where we have come from and what we have accomplished. These resources not only enrich us, inspire us, enlighten us and guide us in our growth, but they also can be a form of community economic development as the spin-offs of heritage conservation can bring tourist dollars into the community; help revitalize a main street; create jobs; enhance a neighbourhood and increase property values and the municipal tax base.

​The Town of Newmarket employs several different methods for protecting built heritage. The Town has designated properties under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. The Town has also created a Heritage Conservation District under Part V of the Act.

For advice on built heritage matters Council looks to the Planning Department and the Newmarket Heritage Committee​.

For further information on heritage matters in Newmarket please visit the Heritage and History page​.

Is my property design​​ated under the Ontario Heritage Act?

If you are trying to find out if a property is a designated heritage property, please do the following.

First, consult the Register of Designated Heritage Properties. If your property appears on this list, it is a heritage-designated property.

Second, consult and​​​​​ the appropriate Register ​of Non-Designated Properties below​​. The registers are organized alphabetically by street name. 

Municipal Tax Rebates for Heritage Properties​

The Town of Newmarket offers a tax rebate for heritage properties, subject to designation and the registration of a heritage easement agreement. To apply, please complete the Heritage Tax rebate form and submit it to Planning Services.

Planning & Heritage Conservation Session Presentation (January 27th, 2020)

The presentation provided an insight on the Ontario Heritage Act, Heritage Register, Heritage Easement Agreements, and research methods. Please use this link to access the presentation: Planning & Heritage Conservation Session