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As the Town of Newmarket continues to grow, we are trying to keep the character of your neighbourhood.

In the past, some neighbourhoods have seen older homes replaced with newer homes, and there may be times where the home does not seem to fit with the overall character of the neighbourhood.

As a result, the Town is taking a closer look at all established neighbourhoods in Newmarket in order to identify and characterize them. Help us find out what makes your neighbourhood unique, exciting, and special to you. With this information gathered, we will work with the community to create policies and guidelines to preserve these special aspects of your neighbourhood. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly is this study?

In order to achieve greater compatibility for new builds and redevelopments within an established residential neighbourhood, the Town will be looking to amend the Official Plan and zoning by-laws to define Newmarket's existing neighbourhoods and develop specific policies based on the community characteristics.


Why is this study being conducted?

Residential trends in Newmarket are shifting from suburban growth to urban intensification and redevelopment. Concerns have been raised regarding the compatibility of new homes or additions to existing homes that comply with the current zoning by-law regulations but are considered to be out of character with the built form of the established neighbourhoods in which they are located. 

In other areas of Newmarket, the zoning by-law prevents the kinds of housing that are compatible in their physical size but have more than one unit in them like duplexes and triplexes, despite these types of homes being common in some parts of town.

One of the fundamental objectives of planning and zoning is to ensure compatibility between properties and land uses. Compatibility is achieved in part by regulating land use and built form. 

As such, Council directed staff to initiate a study of existing established neighbourhoods to examine the regulatory framework of the Town's Zoning By-law and Official Plan and propose recommendations for amendments that will assist in maintaining the existing character of the mature neighbourhood.

As an interim protection, Council enacted the Interim Control By-law on January 21, 2019, to restrict the level of change in the Town's established neighbourhoods until new directions have been established through completion of the study.

The Interim Control By-law temporarily prohibits the following in many areas of the town: 

  • Increasing the height of residential dwellings
  • Building new residential dwellings on vacant lots
  • Expanding the floor area of existing residential dwellings by 25% or more
  • Rebuilding a residential dwelling with 25% or more floor area

The Interim Control By-law applies to:

  • Stable and Emerging Residential lands in the Town's Official Plan
  • Residential lands in the Oak Ridges Moraine
  • Residential land adjacent to historic Main Street South

Who is conducting this study?

The Town has awarded SvN Architects + Planners the Planning Consultant contract for this project which means they will be working with the Town to lead the process and develop the necessary policies.


How long will this study take?

Currently, staff anticipate presenting final recommendations to Council in May 2020.


What about public engagement?

Open House

On May 16, 2019, the Town of Newmarket and SvN held a Public Open House and Design Workshop for the Neighbourhoods Official Plan Amendment. At this event, participants were given the opportunity to view display boards and after a brief overview, participate in a rotating series of individual and group-based exercises. These aimed to identify neighbourhoods by name, extents, organizational structure, amenities and key destinations, while defining their key elements and characteristics.

The materials provided at the Public Open House and Design Workshop for the Neighbourhoods Official Plan Amendment are linked below:

Farmer's Markets

Planning staff and SvN held Public Information Centres at farmer's market at Riverwalk Commons in July and October to provide information and seek feedback from residents. Findings from the consultation events are discussed in the reports linked earlier on this webpage.

Future Opportunities

Please continue to check back for more information on the next public engagement session and for updates on the Established Neighbourhoods Compatibility Study.

For the all the latest information on the Established Neighbourhoods Compatibility Study, be sure to check out our digital engagement platform HeyNewmarket and our Instagram page @townofnewmarket.


Who can I contact for more information or to leave a comment?

For more information please contact