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Background Information

The Provincial government announced the planned Mulock GO Station in June, 2017.  Following this announcement, Newmarket Council committed to implementing a transit-supportive planning regime around the station, with the goal being to determine the highest and best long-term land uses and densities around the station.  The Mulock Station Area Secondary Plan fulfills this commitment.

It should be noted that the Concept Plan for the station itself is being prepared as part of a separate project being led by Metrolinx.  The Mulock Station Area Secondary Plan is a Town-lead project that, among other goals, will ensure the areas around the station are well-integrated with the station itself. 

Project Boundary

The Mulock GO Station is proposed to be located at the intersection of the railway line and Mulock Drive. The Secondary Plan area does not include the station site, but it does include the lands that surround the site, extending east past Bayview Avenue and west as far as Cane Parkway on the north side of Mulock Drive and to the edge of the Urban Centres Secondary Plan area on the south side of Mulock Drive. See the map below for more detail.

Project Timeline 

This project commenced in May, 2018 and is scheduled to be complete in early 2020.  

Public Input Opportunities & Presentations

Previous public input opportunities are listed below:

In addition, this project is featured on the Hey Newmarket public engagement site; click on the icon below to share your thoughts.

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Contact Information

For more information please contact Adrian Cammaert, Senior Policy Planner, Planning and Building Services, at 905-895-5193 or email