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Phase One

Information Gathering and Background Analysis (August – October, 2017)

The study will commence with the collection, review and analysis of relevant background information, which will inform the preparation of the Background Report. 

Background Reports (February, 2018)

The Background Reports provide an overview of key analytical findings, identify key opportunities and constraints, and set the stage for the preparation of the Draft Tertiary Plan. The Background Reports have been prepared and presented to the Committee of the Whole on February 26, 2018 (video link availabe here).  The reports are available to download below. 

Planning & Land Use Background Report, prepared by SvN Planners & Architects, dated Febraury 2018.

Infrastructure & Natural Heritage Background Study, prepared by Dillon Consulting, dated February 2018.

Phase Two

Draft Vision Statement and Guiding Principles (February, 2018)

The Background Report findings will be used to inform the preparation of the draft Vision Statement and set of Guiding Principles, which will establish a framework by which to prepare the Draft Tertiary Plan. The Draft Vision and Guiding Principles will be presented to the public and stakeholders during Public Consultation Session #2, and will be presented to the Committee of the Whole, in order to obtain feedback to inform the preparation of the Draft Tertiary Plan.

Draft Tertiary Plan (September, 2018)

The Draft Tertiary Plan incorporates a draft vision, guiding principles, policies and supporting schedules, and implementation strategy to guide future development within the Old Main Street neighbourhood. 

On September 17th, 2018 a report was presented to Committee of the Whole requesting permission to hold the Public Meeting for the Tertiary Plan. It is Item 5.2 of the Revised Agenda.

Phase Three

Approval of Final Tertiary Plan (Early 2019)

Following the completion of Public Consultation Session #4, the Statutory Public Meeting, Town of Newmarket Planning Staff will present the Final Tertiary Plan to the Committee of the Whole for adoption in early 2019.

Adoption of Official Plan Amendment  (Early 2019)

Town of Newmarket Planning Staff will prepare and present the Official Plan Amendment to the Committee of the Whole in February or March 2019. The Amendment will then be sent to the Region for Approval.


Preparation of Implementing Zoning By-law (2019)

Following approval of the Final Tertiary Plan and Official Plan Amendment, Town of Newmarket Planning Staff may prepare an amendment to the Town of Newmarket Zoning By-law, in order to implement the policies of the Old Main Street Tertiary Plan. The consulting team has prepared a document providing guidance on what that zoning by-law could look like. It is currently in draft form and staff are accepting comments on the document.