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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Application Details

Applications have been submitted for lands located in northwest Newmarket, south of Davis Drive West between Yonge Street and Bathurst Street. We received applications for an Official Plan Amendment, a Zoning Bylaw Amendment and a Draft Plan of Subdivision to permit a proposed residential community. The applicant is proposing to amend an existing land use currently designated in the Town of Newmarket Official Plan, 2006 as Parks and Open Space to the following land use designations - Stable Residential, Emerging Residential, Urban Centre, and Commercial. The applicant is proposing to amend the Town's Zoning By-law, 2010-40 in the following ways:

  • A zone change from Open Space Two to Residential One (R1-D);
  • A zone change from Open Space Two to Residential One (R1-CP);
  • A zone change from Open Space Two to Residential Four (R4-CP);
  • A zone change from Open Space Two with a site specific exceptions (OS-2-32) to Residential Five (R5-__) with a site specific exception requested for a high density residential block; and
  • A zone change from Open Space Two to Retail Commercial 2 (CR-2-__) with a site specific exception to allow a motor vehicle service station as an additional use.​

Public Information Centres and Public Input Opportunities

The following are past and present Public Information Centres and Public Input Opportunities for the Glenway Project. 

​Application / Is​sue​Date ​Examples of items discussed
​Townhouses Site Plan Application (former clubhouse; block 159 on plan)​Tuesday, February 24, 2015 - 6 to 8 p.m. 
Cane A & B Room at the Municipal Offices - drop in - no presentation
​landscaping, fencing, building massing, building materials, access/parking, EMS/Fire access
​Subdivision​Spring 2015 
​Interface Compatibility Plan, Grading (stormwater management areas, residential lots, open spaces), tree relocation/landscaping, Sidewalk and trail locations
​Lesson's Learned (Facilitated Session)​Spring 2015​OMB decisions and related matters, strategic property consideration/land acquisition, role of various parties
​Future Site Plan Applications for commercial and residential site plan blocks (blue and yellow areas on map)​TBD​Landscaping, fencing, building massing, building materials, access/parking, EMS/Fire access
​Glenway West Subdivision Application​TBD (Statutory Public Meeting following the development application submission) ​Compatibility, parkland dedication, engineering requirements (traffic stormwater management, servicing, grading etc.) zoning (setback, driveway lengths, building height, lot coverage etc.) tree preservation. 
​Glenway West Site Plans (for any residential condominium blocks)​​TBD (Future site plan PICs if directed by the Site Plan Review Committee) ​Landscaping, fencing, building massing, building materials, access/parking, EMS/Fire access. 

Lessons learned and questions from the Glenway Public Information Centre 

Public Information Centre Display Materials ​(May 26, 2015) 

Grading Plans

​Gra​d​ing Plan 1​​​Grading Plan 2Grading Plan 3​Grading Plan 4

Cross Sections

​Block ​162,
Lot 3
​Block 162,
 Lot 5
Lot 44Lot 50Lot 86​Lot 110Lot 142​Lot 149

Landscape Plans

​Landscape Plan 1Landscape Plan 2Landscape Plan 3​​Landscape Plan 4Landscape Plan 5Construction Management Plan
​Phasing PlanBuilt Form ClassificationDRAFT Compatibility Interface Plan

DRAFT Architectural Design and Urban Design Guidelines

Settlement Offer and Supporting Studies, November 20, 2013) - without prejudice 

Settlement Offer
November 20, 2013​​
Submission Cover Letter​Draft Plan of Subdivision (November 19, 2013)Arborist Revised ReportComments with Applicant Responses​Engineering - Reponse Letters​Functional Servicing and Stormwater Management Revised Reports
​Hydrogeological Investigation Revised Report​Parks and Recreation AssessmentPhase 1 ESA Revised Report​Phase 2 ESA Revised ReportPlanning Justification Revised Report​Shadow Impacts Revi​s​ed ReportTraffic Impact Study Revised Report ​

October 2013

​​Memorandum prepared by Ruth Victor - Response to the questions raised by the public at the Committee of October 15, 2013Development and Infrastructure Services/Planning and Building Services Report 2013-47 October 2013Appendix 1.1 to Planning Report 2013-47 - Settlement Offer

Appendix 1.2 to Planning Report 2013-47 -​ Draft OPA​
Appendix 1.3 to Planning Report 2013-47 - Draft PlanAppendix 1.4 to Planning Report 2013-47 - Draft ZBA
Appendix 1.5 to Planning Report 2013-47 - Parkland SchematicAppendix 2 to Planning Report 2013-47 - Location MapAppendix 3 to Planning Report 2013-47 - Draft Plan of SubdivisionAppendix 4 to Planning Report 2013-47 - Outline of IssuesAppendix 5 to Planning Report 2013-47 - Resident Comments

Second Settlement Offer (November 20, 2013)

Settlement Offer (August 23, 2013)

On August 23, 2013 a Settlement Offer was provided by the solicitors for Marianneville Developments Limited relating to the OMB appeals for the proposed redevelopment of the Glenway Golf Course lands. The following documents are provided below: the Settlement Offer letter from the developer's Solicitor, a revised Draft Plan of Subdivision, Revised Official Plan amendment, Revised Zoning By-law amendment and parkland schematic.

Settlement Offer Letter - Ira Kagan dated August 23, 2013Revised Draft Plan of SubdivisionRevised Official Plan AmendmentRevised Zoning By-law AmendmentParkland Schematic

Marianneville Developments Limited has provided responses to resident concerns and comments received at a Public Meeting on January 7, 2013, as well as responses to written comments received by the Town as outlined in the below Comment Matrix.

Revised Stormwater Management Submission (July 2013)

Original Submission for the Glenway Application 

Planning Application Form - April 2012Draft Plan - March 2012​​Archaeological Stage 1 Report

Phase 2 ESA

Functional Servicing Report - March 2012 - Traffic Impact Study - Final - March 23, 2012Noise StudyLighting Impact Study
Planning Justification Report - April 16, 2012Shadow Impacts Report - March 2012Soil Engineers - Final Geotech Report - March 2012Final Parks and Recreation Assessment - March 2012Tree Inventory - September 17, 2011Public Meeting Notice - January 7, 2013

Notice of Hazard Trees Removal 

Please be advised that a number of trees within the Glenway golf course property have been identified as hazard trees and are proposed to be removed on August 24, 2013 by the owner of the property. These 15 trees have been assessed and reviewed by the Town's peer review arborist who agrees with their removal. The trees will be taken down in accordance with good arborist practices and will take approximately one day. We understand the contractor may be moving equipment on site on Friday 23, 2013. 

For additional information or copies of any of the documents listed, please contact the Planning Department.​