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Official Plan Amendment​ Number 32 for 16250, 16353, 16450 Yonge Street

In May 2022, Council adopted OPA 32 which changed the land use designation for 16250, 16353, 16450 Yonge Street except the deferred lands. The purpose of Amendment 32 is to amend policies and schedules of OPA 28 to Town of Newmarket Official Plan 1996, also known as the Oak Ridges Moraine Conformity Official Plan Amendment (OPA 28) and the policies and schedules of the Town of Newmarket Official Plan 2006 to establish permissions for urban land uses on the subject lands and to set the policy framework for future development of a new community through a Secondary Plan.

While the majority of the lands were within the Region's Urban land use designation, a small portion of the lands were in the Region's Rural land use designation. In November 2022, the Region's OP was approved, and the lands were redesignated from Rural to Urban. In January 2023, Council adopted By-law 2023-02 which applied OPA 32 to the deferred lands and changed their land use designation.

OPA 32 set the high-level goals for the proposed Shining Hill community with a focus on three guiding principles: 1) Housing Affordability, 2) Addressing Climate Change, 3) Community Focused Design to reduce car dependency. The OPA 32 document is available here.

The Town continues to work with Shining Hill on the development of the new community, jointly exploring innovative and best practice approaches. The next step is undertaking a Secondary Plan process to further set the vision and goals for the new community. Shining Hill Collection Estates Inc. has initiated a Secondary Plan process and a Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA).

The third Public Information Centre (PIC) is being held for the Shining Hill Secondary Plan and MCEA. This PIC will review background information, feedback from previous PICs, present the problem/opportunity statement, the recommended solution, the recommended land use and transportation concept, and alternative design concepts. Details of the event are available on this invitation. We encourage you to attend this "drop-in" PIC to learn more about the Secondary Plan and MCEA process, to ask questions, and share your thoughts with the Project Team. 

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