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​​VivaNext Rapidways 

The Viva Rapidway along Davis Drive is now largely complete. More than simply a bus rapid transit system, the project created pedestrian-friendly boulevards; green spaces, updated utilities, and modern pedestrian amenities that contribute to a vibrant corridor. The rapidway now provides fast, reliable transit along the Davis Drive corridor that is bringing the community together, literally and figuratively. These improvements have prepared the corridor for even more growth and intensification.

With the Davis Drive rapidway now largely complete, the project is turning the corner on Yonge Street to construct VIVA's Yonge Street Rapidway. ​

Sustainability and Green Econom

Newmarket's Urban Centre's Secondary Plan​ encourages the development of sustainable buildings through the use of green roofs, renewable energy generation and use, and Low Impact Development (LID) techniques. The use of alternative energy sources includes rooftop solar panels, high efficiency building materials and rainwater harvesting.

The Town of Newmarket is one of only a few municipalities in Ontario to have an approved Community Energy Plan.  This Plan examined methods to increase energy efficiency, stabilize energy costs and increase energy reliability. This Plan recommends the creation of financial programs for energy efficiency retrofits and Solar Photovoltaic (PV)​ opportunities.​  At a high level, this Plan also discusses the possibility of a District Energy strategy for key areas/corridors within the Town which would have significant economic development benefits such as increased energy reliance and more stable energy costs.  

Advanced Communications 

The Town has prioritized bringing broadband fiber optics to large sections of the Town's employment areas, including the Davis Drive and Yonge Street corridors. Learn more about Newmarket's Gigabit Corridor project. 

Rail Connection

Newmarket has long been connected to downtown Toronto and other parts of the Greater Toronto Area by the GO rail system​, however this connection is about to strengthen.  As part of its Regional Express Rail program, Metrolinx has identified Newmarket for improved GO Train service, including the electrification of the rail corridor, which will result in increased train service to and from downtown Toronto.

Mobility Hub

Located along Davis Drive, Newmarket's GO Train station​ and surrounding lands will be examined through a Mobility Hub Study which will further define how best to plan transit-oriented development within this sub-area.

Healthcare Centre  

Located along the Davis Drive corridor, one of the leading employers in the Town is the Southlake Regional Health Centre. The regionally designated, clinically advanced hospital includes a large and growing research and teaching component. The Secondary Plan supports these uses by permitting a host of medical, medically-related and research uses in proximity to this leading institution.

Southlake Regional Health Centre​is also home to CreateIT Now, a healthcare-focused innovation centre. CreateIT Now​​ opens doors for breakthroughs in the health sciences sector, with the potential to once again put the community on a world stage.​