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​​There are several tools in Newmarket related to tree protection and growing our urban canopy. These include:


  • Tree Preservation, Protection, Replacement and Enhancement Policy, which addresses trees during the development approval process
  • The Woodlot By-law, which regulates the removal of trees in certain areas of Newmarket
  • The York Region Forest Conservation By-law, which regulates the removal of trees in certain large tracts
  • The proposed Public Tree Protection By-law, which would regulate the injury or removal of any trees owned by the Town of Newmarket


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Tree Policy


The Tree Policy establishes the Town of Newmarket’s policy for the preservation, protection, replacement and enhancement of significant trees on lands subject to a Planning Act Development Application. It also sets out general policies for the preservation and enhancement of trees throughout Newmarket.

Newmarket’s urban canopy is made up of both public and private trees and is a valuable infrastructure asset. The replacement value of Newmarket’s trees exceeds $350,000,000.​ The 2016 Urban Forestry Study showed that these trees help to:
  • Avoid more than 200,000 cubic metres of water runoff each year, a service valued at nearly $500,000. 
  • Reduce erosion, improve air quality, and increase property values. 
  • Reduce residential energy costs by more than $3,000,000 per year. 
It is important to develop a comprehensive policy and by-law regime to protect Newmarket’s trees. It is Newmarket’s intention to take a full spectrum approach to tree protection and regulation with both policies and by-laws to limit the removal of trees and promote the planting of new trees. ​

Woodlot By-law

The purpose of the Woodlot By-Law is to protect small urban woodlots (between 0.2 hectares and 1.0 hectare in area) on privately owned lands. The By-Law requires land owners of affected lands to apply for a permit to injure or destroy trees and sets fine provisions for contraventions to the By-Law. Woodlots greater than 1.0 hectares in area fall under the jurisdiction of the Regional Municipality of York Bill No. 36 - By-Law No. TR-0004-2005-036 - A by-law to prohibit or regulate the destruction or injuring of trees in The Regional Municipality of York.