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​​​​​​​The main objective of Newmarket's Urban Centre's Secondary Plan​ is to provide a framework to guide the redevelopment and intensification of the Yonge Street & Davis Drive Urban Centres.  Various other policies have been created and/or updated to further support this vision:

  • Zoned-in Land Uses, Heights & Densities - The Town has approved the Urban Centres Zoning By-law.  This is a separate zoning by-law specifically for the Urban Centres, which implements the Urban Centres Secondary Plan’s land uses, heights, densities and urban design policies at the zoning level.  Of specific importance, this document ‘zones in’ greater heights and densities as a means to add value to these properties within the Urban Centres and encourage their redevelopment.   

  • Development Charge Deferral - The Town has updated its Development Charge Deferral Policy.  This policy sets out two options for deferring the Town's development charges: a Standard Approach (36 months), and an Enhanced Approach (48 months).  The policy describes criteria and process for each of these approaches.  

  • Prioritized Servicing - The Town has updated its Servicing Allocation Policy, which prioritizes development proposals located within the Urban Centres.  The Policy is available here. 

  • Competitive Parkland Requirements - The Town has enacted a Parkland Dedication By-law which reflects current best practices regarding parkland ratios, and allows a range of urban parkland typologies / cash-in-lieu options.  This By​-law is focused on incentivizing redevelopment within the Urban Centres.  More information on the Parkland Dedication By-law is are available here​.

  • Reduced Parking Requirements - The Town's parking requirements in the Urban Centres have been updated to reduce the number of required spaces for new developments within the Urban Centres. This will encourage the redevelopment of these areas by reducing hard costs, as well as supporting public transit ridership and reducing congestion.  New parking requirements include minimum and maximum ranges, account for number of bedrooms, and are anticipated to accommodate a greater number of developments.  The new parking standards are included in the amending Zoning By-law, available here.

  • Height and Density Bonusing - The Town has prepared Height and Density Bonusing Implementation Guidelines.  These Guidelines provide practical direction around the high-level Bonusing policies of the Secondary Plan and include clear procedure on how such requests are to be processed.  The Guidelines are available here.

  • Community Improvement Plan - Portions of the Davis Drive Corridor are also within the Historic Downtown Newmarket Community Improvement Plan (CIP) area, and are therefore able to take advantage of the financial incentives that form part of this Plan​. These incentives include:​

    • ​​Redevelopment and Rehabilitation Tax Incentive Program (a tax-increment-equivalent financing program (TIEF)

    • Development Charges Rebate/Credit Program

    • Planning and Building Fees Rebate/Credit Program

    • Parking Requirement Program

    • Parkland Dedication Exemption Program

The Town is currently developing other policies to encourage redevelopment and intensification within the corridors. Please contact the Town of Newmarket's Planning Department at 905-895-5193 or email​ for more information.