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Snow Removal in Newmarket 

Snow clearance of Newmarket local roads are maintained by the Public Works Services department.  Regional roads (e.g. Yonge Street, Mulock Drive) are maintained by York Region.

The Town of Newmarket works hard in advance to prepare for the first snow fall of the winter season. Newmarket staff work to transform dump trucks and tractors into snow plow, and perform winter vehicle maintenance while ensuring sufficient supplies of salt to keep our roads safe. Please view our snow clearance FAQ page for more information on snow clearing in Newmarket. 

The Town of Newmarket is responsible for clearing all sidewalks in Newmarket. Learn more about the Town's process and procedures for sidewalk snow clearing by viewing our sidewalk snow clearing FAQ page.

Please remember:

  • Do not push snow into the streets or sidewalks
  • Do not put waste and recycling bins on the street or sidewalk
  • Do not park your cars on the street as this interferes with snow plowing operations
  • Please report and damages to 
  • Please respect our snow operators 

General Snow Facts:

  • The Town starts to plow when snow accumulates over 6 cm
  • First snow response is to salt the roads and takes four to five  hours to complete the Town
  • Takes approximately 8-10 hours to plow/clear the Town; 12 hours and longer, if snow continues to fall
  • Priority/designated roads are completed first  - These are major routes for traffic and emergency vehicles
  • There are over 250 Courts in town that require special small plow to clear
  • There are 12 snow plow routes; 7 Town owned and operated trucks and 5 contracted trucks – dump trucks are equipped with front plow/wings and salting units
  • There are 21 Parks Staff that work during snow period
  • There are 9 sidewalk plows
  • The Town plows sidewalks on all primary roads and along school routes, as much as possible. 
  • Pathways into parks are not cleared by Parks and Property, Fairy Lake and Tom Taylor Trail are the only two exceptions
  • Walkways will be cleared as Priority 2 into Parks, on school routes and walkways between streets.
  • Brown mailboxes (usually in newer subdivisions) are cleared by Canada Post
  • Bus shelters and stops are the responsibility of York Region Transit
  • Property owners are responsible for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks fronting and abutting their properties.