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​The Town of Newmarket has a Town-wide energy savings program that saw the installation of over 7,500 LED (light-emitting diode) street light fixtures throughout Newmarket.  The Town is expected to save over $300,000 in electricity costs annually while reducing service and operational costs by over $310,000 each year (including cost avoidance) as a result of the switch to LED fixtures.

New LED lights replaced the existing High Pressure Sodium and Mercury Vapour fixtures, using the existing pole top or arm. Trail lights located on the Tom Taylor Trail were replaced as part of this initiative. All Town owned street lights, 7,758 in total, were upgraded to energy efficient technology. 

In addition to reducing costs, LED street lights bring additional benefits to the Town and its residents. The new lighting system will provide better illumination and will not project light skyward, outside the roadway or towards homes. Existing dark spots between fixtures will be minimized and the white light improves visibility during nighttime hours, improving safety for residents and visitors.

LED Street Light Project - FAQ

 1.     What does the Energy and Facility Renewal Program include?

  • Replacing all Town owned street lights with LED lights (over 80% of the program)
  • Lighting upgrades in various facilities
  • Ventilation control and comfort improvements
  • Pool humidity sensor replacement at the Magna Centre
  • Flood water auto fill meters installed at arenas

2.      What are the environmental impact/ safety features?

  • Increased comfort and visibility in Town Facilities
  • Reduced electricity consumption and longer lifespan.
  • Reduced the number of model type of lights creating a more uniform look
  • Better illumination and will not project light skyward, outside the roadway or towards homes therefore reducing light pollution.
  • Improve visibility and safety for residents by minimizing existing dark spots between fixtures during the night time. 
  • 90% of the colours are as distinguishable during night time hours as they are during the day.
  • Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions by over 900 metric tons – that's equivalent to taking over 300 cars off the road.

3.      What are the initial costs to the Town?

  • The overall cost for this program, which includes retrofits to Town Facilities, is $8.6 million including contingency
  • Assuming the rates for electricity and labour rise at 3% per year and LED technology continues to get more cost effective, the Town is expected to save almost $14.6 million once the project is fully complete. 
    • That includes $9.3 million cumulative utility savings (including cost avoidance) and $5.3 million in electricity costs as a result of the switch to LED fixtures and improvements to the facilities.
  • Within the first year, this project will decrease energy consumption and associated costs by approximately $562,000 (16% of the current utility cost) and a decrease of $256,000 of maintenance costs per year.
  • Over the 16 year guarantee period of the light heads, the maintenance cost per pole would be reduced from $41.90 to $13.20.
  • The overall Energy and Facility Renewal Program will have a payback period of just over 9 years.

4.      The light is too bright and shining into my home. Can something be done about this?

  • If there is an LED light in ​front of your home and it is shining into your home, please call the Town at 905-895-5193. The Town will investigate and if deemed appropriate, the Town will have a shield installed. Please have your contact information and light pole identification number ready when you call.