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The vision of the Town of Newmarket's Traffic Mitigation Strategy is to improve road safety and enhance the quality of life in Newmarket for both drivers and vulnerable road users. 

The Town has also adopted the "Three E" philosophy when it comes to traffic mitigation:

  • Enforcement – including duties performed by the York Regional Police and Town by-law enforcement staff

  • Education – including Newmarket's Speed Management Program and Safety Driven education campaign
  • Engineering – including issues related to road design on existing roads and planning for future projects 

Through our Traffic Mitigation Strategy, the Town is looking to improve upon our "Three E" philosophy and to be transparent and proactive about all traffic initiatives. Public input is an important part of making our Traffic Mitigation Strategy a success.   If you have any suggestion on how we can improve our traffic mitigation strategy, please email 

Learn more about our Traffic Mitigation Strategy below: 

Traffic Calming Measures: Category One
Traffic Calming Measures: Category Two
Pedestrian Safety Measures: Education and communication
Pedestrian Safety Measures: Physical Improvements
Cyclist Safety: Active Transportation
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If you should find any of the above are not in an acceptable accessible format, please contact the Town of Newmarket at 905-895-5193 or email