Traffic Safety in School Zones


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The Town of Newmarket is committed to making traffic and road safety a priority. Newmarket By-law Enforcement Officers are committed to serving, protecting and providing a desired quality of life for all residents and visitors. Part of what we do is work closely with other community partners to keep our roads safe and implement traffic control measures to increase safety, ensure parking and traffic regulations are followed and decrease congestion on Newmarket roads.

Common Traffic Signs

Traffic laws include traffic signs and pedestrian signals that tell drivers and other road users what they must do in certain locations - like a school zone. This section highlights many of the signs you see around the Town of Newmarket school zones to help keep everyone safe.

fire route.jpg
Fire routes provide access to Fire and Emergency crews in the event of an emergency and must remain clear at all times. Blocking these routes can be very dangerous for everyone.
no standing.png
Do not stand in the area between the signs. This means you may not stop your vehicle in this area except while loading or unloading passengers. (Used in pairs or groups.)
no parking.jpg
Do not park in the area between the signs. This means you may not stop your vehicle except to load or unload passengers or merchandise. (Used in pairs or groups.)
no stopping.jpg
Do not stop in the area between the signs. This means you may not stop your vehicle in this area, even for a moment. (Used in pairs or groups.) 
school bus loading zone.png
Marks a zone within which school buses load or unload passengers without using the red alternating lights and stop arm.
community safety zones.png
Indicates areas where the community has identified that there is an increased risk to pedestrians. Traffic-related offences committed within the zone are subject to increased fines.
school zone.jpgA school zone sign is five-sided and has a fluorescent yellow/ green background with black symbols. It signifies that you are coming to a school zone. Slow down, drive with extra caution and watch for children.
permit only.jpg
This parking space is only for vehicles displaying a valid Accessible Parking Permit.
school crossing.png
These signs warn of a school crossing. Watch for children and follow the directions of the crossing guard or school safety patroller.
hidden bus.png
This sign warns you that you are coming to a hidden school bus stop. Slow down, drive with extra caution, watch for children and for a school bus with flashing red lights.
Crossing Guards

Town of Newmarket Crossing Guards are responsible for the provision of traffic control services at designated locations and times throughout the Town to ensure pedestrians; in particular school children are safely crossing roadways. Drivers are reminded to take caution in school zones and to look and listen for the crossing guards' stop sign and whistles. Whistle Signals are as follows:

  • First whistle: the guard proceeds to the centre of the roadway to stop traffic 
  • Second whistle: the guard sounds this when traffic has completely stopped, to advise children that it is now safe to cross the roadway  
  • Third whistle: the guard sounds this when the children and the guard have safely crossed the road, indicating to the driver(s) that it is now safe to proceed
Please Respect our Neighbours
We kindly ask you to respect our neighbours’ property. Please do not park in or block residential driveways. Please do not use residential driveways to turn around in. Participate in the “walk-a-block” initiative by parking on a side-street adjacent to a school, and then walk the student to school. Be a model citizen for your children, treat others’ property as you would like your own to be treated!

Kiss and Ride Programs
Kiss and Ride programs, when used and operated properly, can sometimes provide an alternative to parking on municipal streets or in school parking lots. These areas are designed to make it quick and efficient to pick-up or drop-off your children at school. Do not park or leave your vehicle unattended in the Kiss and Ride Area. Not all school sites are designed with a Kiss and Ride program– there needs to be a designated area on the school site separate from the bus loading/unloading location so there is no conflict with the two operations. This area is to ease congestion and keep traffic moving in the mornings and afternoons.