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​Winter comes with living in Canada. Here are some tips to ensure your winter travels are safe for yourself as well as those around you:

​Know how to read a weather forecast. With the sometimes ​unpredictable nature of winter weather, plan your trips according to the weather. Make sure you know the difference between a weather advisory, watch, and warning.

Be patient. Many accidents are ​caused my impatient drivers. It's better to be five minutes late in this life, than five minutes early for the next.

Better yet, give yourself extra time for winter travel. Speed limits are just that, limits designed for optimal summer driving conditions. These conditions are rarely seen during winter months so drive according to the weather, not the maximum limit.

Ensure all the snow is cleared off your vehicle before you drive away. You don't want snow to blow off the roof of your car and blind the driver behind you (especially if they can't see when you're stopping), or to slump onto your windshield​ (reducing your visibility) if you have to stop suddenly.

Don't wait until you're on E to fill up. Accidents aren't the only safety concern in winter travel, getting stranded and running out of fuel in a snow storm can be equally as dangerous. Fill up more frequently in the winter months and if you are stranded, make sure your tailpipe isn't blocked if you run your car for heat. 

Be prepared with an emergency kit including food that won't spoil, water, blanket, first aid kit, small shovel, candle in a deep can and matches (for heat instead of running your engine), whistle, windshield​ washer fluid, jumper cables, etc.

As the snow accumulates, so do the piles on the sides of the roads. Pay extra attention at crossings and driveways for the emergence of pedestrians from behind a snowbank.

With the winter comes fewer daylight hours. Pay extra attention for pedestrians during sunrise/dusk and early morning/evening times when they may be out.

cartoon woman driving car in a snowscape