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A stormwater charge was introduced in 2017 to help manage the negative effects of stormwater. Before 2017, stormwater was funded through property taxes and the water bill. A separate charge was created to ensure those properties that produced more stormwater runoff (i.e. commercial / industrial properties) would pay a higher stormwater charge. 

Stormwater Charge is collected on the NT Power Bill 

The stormwater charge will be collected in instalments on your NT Power Bill. 

The stormwater charge is not a new charge. It was previously collected with property taxes. The shift to collecting the stormwater charge on the NT Power bill was made in an effort to streamline the collection process in order to keep all water-related charges on one bill, provide transparency on the charge, and ease of payment for residents. The stormwater charge will be collected in 10 installements for 2024. 

Questions regarding the utility bill can be directed to NT Power by emailing or calling 905-895-2309.

What is the Stormwater Charge and why is it important? 

The stormwater charge is like opening a separate savings account for stormwater and setting funds aside. This will ensure there is enough money for future stormwater management improvements.

To date, Newmarket has 62 Stormwater Management Facilities (including wet ponds, dry ponds and underground storage). Newmarket also has 38 Oil and Grit separators that remove oil and sediement from stormwater in areas where a stormwater pond does not exist. 

Please view the video below to learn more about the stormwater charge and how stormwater management will benefit the community and the environment. 


Runoff Categories 

Your stormwater charge is calculated by multiplying the size of your property by the runoff categories. To see how your runoff category rates is assigned, please view the table below.​ 
​​​Low runoff category 
​Medium runoff category
​High runoff category
Natural area - green space​​​​Medium runoff level groupHigh runoff level group
​Examples: natural areas, vacant properties (no buildings or parking lots), golf courses etc.​Examples: residential and institutional properties.​​Examples: Commercial, industrial and mixed-use buildings. 
​$0.079346 per square metre
​$0.387913 per square metre

​$0.776109 per square metre

The following links help provide more information on stormwater management and the stormwater charge. 
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