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The Region of York supplies treated drinking water to the Town of Newmarket. The treated drinking water supplied by the Region is a blend of water sourced form Lake Ontario and ground water wells. The Town then distributes clean, safe drinking water through the local distribution system to individual customers.

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In certain rare situations, water from a property could flow back into the Town's drinking water system creating an unsafe situation. Here's how. 

  • Backflow happens when the normal flow of water reverses. Flow from a customer's property back in to the drinking water distribution system may occur if there is a large pressure difference between the drinking water system and the customer's private system. This could happen if there is a break in a watermain, during use of a hydrant, or if pumps on private property increase pressure at the site. 
  • Cross connections exist if clean (potable, drinking) water pipes are connected to a source of contamination, like process water, that may contain chemicals.The contamination can then flow back into the public drinking water system.  

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