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The Town of Newmarket's water and wastewater division provides the community with various water-related  services. Some services require a charge and will only be completed on specific days of the week. If you would like the Town of Newmarket's water and wastewater division to perform any of the water services noted below, please give us a call at 905-895-5193 and arrange for an appointment.

For a full list of other water and wasetwater fees and charges, please view the 2024 Public Works Services and Parks and Facility Services fees and charges. 

Water Meter related services
Service  ​Service Description
​Water meter - Change out
​Town staff will replace water meters when required
​Free of charge
​Water meter Investigation 
​Town staff will investigate high water use consumption reports
Free of charge 
​Missed water meter appointment
​There will be a charge to the customer if a scheduled water meter appointment is missed
Water meter seal - return visit​
Town staff will attend your home on a return visit to inspect the water meter installation and install a water meter seal if satisfied​
​$220.53 per visit 
​Water meter testing up to 1" water meters. 
The meter will be tested by a thrid party.  Homeowner will only be charged the fee if the water meter is found to be working properly
$317.35​ per test

​Watermain connection service line for residential homes (by the Town)

​$634.69 per visit 
​Anti-Tamerping Devise - hydrant/valve

​$166.75 each 
​Inspection fee for residential water service installed by the owner

$188.27 per visit ​
​Water valve operating after hours - related to developments

​$629.31 per visit 
Installation of hydrant meter (deposit/fee)​

​Water connection application
​Town staff will process your water connection application form

145.22 per application

Sewer related services
Service  ​Service Description
Inspection fee for residential and ICI - service installed by owner
Town staff will inspect your sewer service
Removal of blockages in sanitary sewer lateral (if on private property)
The Town's contractor will remove blockages on your property 

TBD from the Town's Contractor 
​Sanitary connection application 

​CCTV lateral inspection
The Town's contractor will inspect your sewer with the use of a CCTV camera​
​Backwater valve test report fee (annually for severe and moderate hazard - every 5 years for minor hazard)

​Cross connection control survey report fee - every 5 years with report submission 

​Initial administrative fee for Cross Connection Survey

​Late fee - Cross Connection Survey 

​$18.29 per test submitted 
​Late fee- Test Report 

​$18.23  per test submitted 

Water related services
Service  ​Service Description
Water Hydrant flow test not related to existing site plan agreements

$282.35 per test
Anti-Tampering Devices - Hydrant/Valve

​Watermain Connection Service Line for residential ater service (by Town)

$634.69 per visit
​Water turn off / shut off (working hours)
A bill will be sent to the property owner/tenant for this service
$61.98 per visit
​Water turn off / shut off (after hours)
A bill will be sent to the property owner/tenant for this service
$241.03 per visit​
​Repair/replace anti-tampering device hydrant or valve

​$618.55 (hydrant)
$424.92 (valve)
​Inspection fee for residential water service installed by owner

$188.27 per visit​
​Water valve operating after hours - related to developments

​$629.31 per visit
​Water - Bulk Rate

​$0.005844 per liter
​Water - Bulk Collection Account set up

​$26.89 per account
​Installation of Hydrant Meter (deposit/fee)

​Water Connection Application Fee 

$145.22 per application​