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There are lots of incredible programs available for our Community Group partners! Take a look below at the variety of Educational Programs for Scouts, Wolf Cubs and schools.​

Scout Programs​
Heritage Badge

Did you know the Elman W. Campbell Museum was the North York Registry Office in 1884? Book a trip here to earn Heritage Badges. Scouts will learn about the history of the building and Newmarket life in pioneer times from our replica log cabin setting. Each room of the museum will reveal where to find information about the heritage of their community. To compliment the visit, scouts will be given the opportunity to put their history research skills to the test with a mini Newmarket Heritage Research Hunt.

Price: $10 per group
Location: Elman W. Campbell Museum

Handicraft Badge

Book a visit to the Museum for a guided tour, followed by a Handicraft. To compliment the Natural History studies on insects, we will be creating dragonfly pencil wraps. Fun dragonfly fact: dragonflies are the fastest flying insects in the world. They can fly at speeds of almost 100 kilometres an hour!

Price: $10 per group
Location: Elman W. Campbell Museum

Wolf Cub Programs

​Blue Star

Book a visit between February and March to see our annual Scout Display. This display is made possible by two gentlemen who have been collecting Scouting memorabilia. During your visit, discover the collection of artifacts in the museum and through interactive activities learn why museums are important, what a Curator is and what a Curator collects. This program also includes your choice of a handicraft.

Price: $10 per group
Length: 1.5 hours
Location: Elman W. Campbell Museum​

Canadian Heritage Badge

Come visit the museum to earn a heritage badge! Participants in this program will learn about life in pioneer times from our log cabin replica setting. Participants will also learn about what farming in the pioneer days and how people kept everything clean. To compliment the lessons, participants will be invited to draw one of the artifacts on display.

Price: $10 per group
Length: 1.5 hours
Location: Elman W. Campbell Museum​

World Cubbing Badge

Visit us between November and December to earn your World Cubbing Badge. Participants will enjoy our Winter Celebrations in the Victorian Newmarket program as they learn about the traditions and celebrations of three historical Newmarket families: the Quaker Rogers family, the English Roe family and the Scottish Sunderland family. The visit will also include your choice of handicraft.

Price: $10 per group
Length: 1.5 hours
Location: Elman W. Campbell Museum​

Handicraft Options:

​Pinecone Bird Feeder

Help a bird survive by keeping this bird feeder out all winter. Craft a natural bird feeder with simple materials and a pinecone. This handicraft is fun and easy to make. Hang this handicraft on a tree outside your house and watch all of the different birds come to visit.​

Yarn Toy

​​Make a yarn toy from recycled odds and ends! Participants will recreate a popular toy from the pioneer days by learning to wrap yarn and tie knots. During the toy making we will discuss the differences between this toy and our modern toys. Enjoy this toy at home or gift it to a friend.

Educational Programs

​Our educational programs are designed based on the Ontario curriculum for Junior Kindergarten students to​​ Grade Five students. Students will enjoy programs such as:

  • Traditional Rhymes and Songs
  • History of the Local Community/Museum Curator
  • Winter Celebrations in Victorian Newmarket
  • Early Settlers in Newmarket
  • Municipal Government
  • Hallowe​en Party
  • History Hunt and Museum Tour​

For a detailed listing of our programs, policies and for more information please check out our Educational Programs Brochure, available at our Customer Service Kiosks and at the museum.​