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Grade One: The Local Community

Students will learn the purpose of the museum and its relationship with the local community; discover examples of built heritage and how to extract information from a map. Complementary activities included.

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Grade One Learning Activities

The Elman W. Campbell Museum
Grade 1:

Strand B People and Environments: The Local Community

Communities have natural and built features that provide services that help meet the needs of the people who live and work there.
Sample skills and activities: pictographs and maps

The Elman W. Campbell Museum is a non-profit, educational institution.  It was created for the purpose of collecting, preserving, researching, studying and interpreting artifacts related to the history of the Town of Newmarket from the time of the first Quaker settlers in 1801, up until thirty years ago.

The museum is located in the former Land Registry Office built in 1884.  We bring history to life through exhibits, programs and events to show how Newmarket has changed over more than two hundred years.

We have lots of artifacts in our museum. An artifact is something that was made during the past that represents some part about early human life.  Museums help care for artifacts in their collection.