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For Tots and Caregivers

Drop in programs for Tots and Caregivers will stimulate communication, cooperation, imagination and make new friends! Stop in for crafts and finish up by seeing one of our many displays! Join us for a different theme each Wednesday.

Winter 2023


​January 11

Unicorn Day

​Make a craft, White Playdough, Colouring

​January 18

​Music Day

​Make a craft, Red Playdough, Colouring

​January 25

Transportation Day​

​Make a craft, Green Playdough, Colouring

​February 1

Dinosaur Day

​Make a craft, Brown Playdough, Colouring

​Febraury 8

​Valentine's Day

​Make a craft, Red Playdough, Colouring 

​February 15

​Frog Day

​Make a craft, Green Playdough, Colouring

February 22

​Superhero Day

Make a craftBlack Playdough, Colouring

​March 1

​Space Day

Make a craft, Blue Playdough, Colouring

​March 8

​Puzzle Day

​Make a craft, Orange Playdough, Colouring

​March 22

​Kite Day

​Make a craft, Yellow Playdough, Colouring

March 29

​Ladybug Day

​Make a craft, Red Playdough, Colouring

Spring 2023


​April 5

Easter Activities

​Easter craft, Purple Playdough, Colouring

April 12

​Cherry Blossom Day

Cherryblosom craft, Pink Playdough, Colouring

​April 19

Earth Day​

​Earth Day craft, Green Playdough, Colouring

​April 26

April Showers Day

Umbrella craft, Blue Playdough, Colouring

May 3

​May Flowers

​Flower crafts, Yellow Playdough, Colouring 

May 10

​Mothers Day

​Make a Mother's Day craft, Purple Playdough, Colouring

May 17

Victoria Day

​Make a craft, Pink and Blue Playdough, Colouring

​May 24

Baby Animal Day

Make a craft, Yellow Playdough, Colouring

​May 31

​Plant Day

​Plant a seed, Green Playdough, Colouring

​June 7

​Train Day

​Make a craft, Red Playdough, Colouring

June 14

​Father's Day

​Make a Father's Day Craft, Blue Playdough, Colouring

​June 21
​Indigenous Day
Make a craft, Orange Playdough, Colouring
​June 28
​Animal Hospital Day
​Make a craft, Blue Playdough, Colouring