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Student Virtual Art Show 

This year for Black History Month, a call for art was issued throughout York Region to students identifying as Black or of African descent where they were asked to respond to the 2021 theme– Standing on Strong Shoulders.

Standing on Strong Shoulders

Advocacy and resistance as a sustained historical and contemporary process requires generational reinforcement, mentorship and strong leadership in order to transform the lived experiences of Black people, not just in Canada, but also throughout the diaspora. 

For Black History Month 2021, we draw inspiration from Rosemary Brown, a Jamaican born Canadian Politician who observed, “We must open the door and we must see to it they remain open so that others can pass through”. It is important, then, that we acknowledge the open door and hold it open for others who will later stand on our shoulders to build, empower and propel us into a more just future.

The 2021 Virtual Art Show supports contributing young Black artists to create dialogue outside of traditional curriculum-based learning, affirm their identities in Black Culture and community, and create a community of learning, as they work to change a prescribed colonial narrative.  

The Newmarket African Caribbean Canadian Association received 14 works of art, which were submitted to a jury for consideration.  Wasim Jarrah, of Wasim Jarrah Concierge Realty generously sponsored three prizes of $200 each. 

The prizes will be awarded to three students based on originality, creativity and relevance of the artwork to the theme: Standing on Strong Shoulders.  

The jury consisted of four community jurists who reviewed all works: Wasim Jarrah, Glenn Marais, Pauline Jones and Matthew Palomino.  The three prize winning pieces are identified in the virtual gallery by way of a special banner.  We encourage you to view all the amazing works submitted by the artists.


Virtual Art Gallery Show Prize Winners

  • Kaelin Taylor-Martin
  • Paul Beniaminov
  • Alysha Kahnna