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Creating a Space for Youth

Let us create space for four diverse and emerging artists who explore and share their personal growth and experiences, demonstrating how bright their futures are.
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Jaylah Hall_Headshot.jpgJaylah Hall – Activist, Graphic Artist and Spoken Word Artist 

Jaylah is an entrepreneur, digital painter, activist and spoken word artist. Her art, poetry and overall discussions often reflect on topics like Blackness, activism, femininity, faith in Christ, and mental health. Her digital art studio is called “The Cre8tor House," where she sells digital art pieces mainly inspired by her personal life experiences. Jaylah is a dedicated member of the Newmarket African Caribbean Canadian Association.

Learn more about Newmarket African Caribbean Canadian Association at

Click Here to learn more about Jayla Hall in this short video presentation during which she speaks to her younger self with wisdoms on her motivation, her craft, and the performing arts.

Click Here to see an inspiring performance piece by Miss Jaylah Hall for the Markham Arts Council, in recognition of International Women's Day titled: 'Choose to Challenge.' 

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Quincie Cephas_Headshot.jpgQuincie Cephas – Performance Artist

Quincie is the daughter of Merlene Samuel Cephas, the founder of Spotlight Theatre. She has been a student of Spotlight since the age of four. Quincie is a triple threat performer, who has won numerous singing, acting and dance awards, in both Canada and the United States. Performing has always been a huge part of Quincie’s life as it has allowed her to express herself in a creative way. Quincie has a true passion for helping and supporting others and attributes her desire to see others succeed to her family and to Spotlight. Quincie will be attending University in the fall majoring in Child Psychology. Thank you to the Arts Spotlight School for providing the opportunity to showcase Quincie Cephas during Culture Days.

Click here to learn more about The Arts Spotlight School

Click Here to view a video and hear Quincie share her experience as a performing artist with the Artists spotlight Theatre School and wisdoms to others about pursuing the performing arts as a singer, dancer and actor.

Click here to view a short performance piece for Quincie Cephas.

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Jace Robinson-Cadence Arcana_Headshot.jpgJace Robinson (Cadence Arcanna) - Nonbinary Musician / Performance Artist and Visual Artist 

Jace | Cadence is a former student of the Independent Music Production program at Seneca and a F*** Perfect Alumni. They are a Nonbinary musician, performer and visual artist whose art captures their personal experiences with being mentally ill. They have done past performances, most notably at Vaughan Mills for Rep Your Region finals 2018. They continue to create, posting performance and creative progress videos. Currently they are working on a portrait series, writing/recording songs and working towards some music video concepts. Thank you to the Canadian Mental Health Association for the introduction to Jace Robinson aka Cadence Arcana.

The Canadian Mental Health Association provides essential programming to youth needing support for their mental health journey.

Click here to listen to a video in which Jayce Robinson aka Cadence Arcanna as they speak to their authentic self and their experience in their love of music, mental wellness and in sharing their craft in the performing arts.

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Lakos (John Taylor)_Headshot.jpgLakos (John Taylor) - Hip Hop / Trap Artist

Lakos is an aspiring Artist and Producer whose style is like a mixture of traditional Hip-Hop/Trap with Alternative Rock and Punk style lyrics.

Lakos grew up in a musical family and his goal of becoming a professional musician was supported by his parents. His father was a Blues and Classic Rock guitar player in several bands. This led Lakos to all different types of music. Experiencing Blues and Classic Rock all the way to Rap and Hip-Hop showed him that there's music to love from every genre. 

After hearing his first rap songs at the age of 13, Lakos made the decision to pursue a career in rap music. From freestyling to creative writing drills, Lakos has done everything in his power to try and master the craft. Now at 21 years of age, his goal is closer than ever before. In conversation on the Hikadelics Show with Terry Coad and Company, Lakos said: "I thank music for everything in my life. I was raised by music and musicians, and because of all the love and understanding that comes with it, I'm always becoming a better person. If I can give that same feeling and power, to one person from listening to my music; I’ve made it.”

Lakos has released 9 songs on all platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud, generating a total of over 75 thousand streams. He is currently working on an album called "Elementary", which is planned to release later this year. Keep an eye out for big things coming from Lakos in the future.

Click here to listen to Lakos and follow on social media

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